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Accepting Estimates

Once you’ve sent an estimate to your customer, they can either accept the estimate or reject it. There are two ways to accept an estimate in Zoho Invoice. You customers can:

Accepting Estimates in Customer Portal

Before your customers can accept estimates via Customer Portal, you must have configured customer portal and invited your cusomters to be part of it. Learn more about Customer Portal.

If you’ve configured Customer Portal and your customer has access to it, they can view the estimate in their portal, negotiate with you or directly accept the estimate. To understand this better, let’s look at how it helps Mark’s business.

Scenario: Mark’s customer base has grown significantly due to his exquisite designs and on-time completion of construction projects. Sally, one of Mark’s customers, meets Mark and requests an estimate for the construction of a restaurant. Mark creates an estimate for Sally in Zoho Invoice and sends it to her. As soon as he sends it, the estimate is available in Sally’s customer portal where she negotiates the estimate price. After further negotiation, they settle and Sally accepts the estimate in her portal. Immediately, the estimate is marked as accepted in Mark’s Zoho Invoice organization.

Similarly, your customers can accept estimates directly in Customer Portal and the estimate in Zoho Invoice will be automatically updated. This means that it is less work for you. If you haven’t set up customer portal, set it up now.

Marking Estimates as Accepted Manually

The other way of accepting estimates is manually. Your customer can accept the estimate either verbally or via an email. As soon as your customer accepts the estimate, you can mark the estimate as accepted in Zoho Invoice.

Prerequisite: You must have sent the estimate to your customer or at least marked the estimate as sent before you can accept the estimate in Zoho Invoice.

To mark an estimate as accepted manually:

  1. Go to the Estimates module in the left sidebar or press shift + e to instantly navigate to the Estimates module.
  2. Select the estimate that you want to accept.
  3. Click the More dropdown in the top-right corner.
  4. Select Mark as Accepted.

Accepting Estimate Manually

The status of the estimate will be updated as Accepted and the estimate is ready to be converted to an invoice.

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