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With plenty of pre-integrations with other Zoho Finance services, an easy-to-use interface, and a wide range of customization options, Zoho Books is fully equipped to help you stay on top of every rupee spent and earned.

6 more reasons why Zoho Books is better than QuickBooks Online

Zoho Books Professional
QuickBooks Online Plus
Create different workflows depending on your needs.
For example: Receive an email alert whenever an employee raises an estimate for a sum greater than $1000.
Unlimited number of Users
Zoho Books Professional allows you to add an unlimited number of users.
Client Portal
Communicate with your customers through the interactive Client Portal.
Windows phone app
Traveling a lot? Take your work along, with the Zoho Books mobile app, now available for the Windows phone.
Sales Orders
Has your customer accepted your estimate? Send them a Sales Order!
Payment Reminders
Too busy? Automate your Payment Reminders!​

It’s easy to switch!

It's easy to switch from QuickBooks Desktop to Zoho Books, and we'll handle the entire process for free!

14-day free trial. No credit card required.

When you’re ready to migrate, email us at support@zohobooks.com

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Customer Testimonial

Vikram Kalra, Benefit Consulting Group
"We switched to Zoho Books for our business. Dashboard is simple to understand and the year-end reports can be easily sent to our accountant as PDFs."

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