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Pricing plan for every business.

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  • Basic

    $ 9 99 Per Organization/Month Try now
    • 50 Contacts

    • 2 Users (1 user + 1 Accountant)

    • 5 Automated Workflows

    • Bank Reconciliation

    • Custom Invoices

    • Expense Tracking

    • Projects and Timesheets

    • Recurring Transactions

  • Standard

    Most Popular
    $ 19 199 Per Organization/Month Try now
    • 500 Contacts

    • 3 Users (2 users + 1 Accountant)

    • 10 Automated Workflows/Module

    • Basic plan +

    • Bills

    • Vendor Credits

    • Reporting Tags

  • Professional

    $ 29 299 Per Organization/Month Try now
    • Unlimited Contacts

    • 10 Users

    • 10 Automated Workflows/Module

    • Standard plan +

    • Purchase Order

    • Sales Order

    • Inventory

    • Custom Domain

The above pricing is in U.S. Dollars.


Add a user

Add an additional user
$2/month       $20/year R20/month       R200/year €2/month       €20/year

Snail Mails

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Buy 50 scans/month
$5/month         $50/year R50/month         R500/year €5/month       €50/year

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Need advanced inventory
management software?

Try Zoho Inventory. Manage inventory with it and track your finances within Zoho Books seamlessly.

Running a subscription business?

Get Zoho Subscriptions to run your subscription business and manage its financial health with
Zoho Books.

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Get your expenses approved using Zoho Expense and account for them in Zoho Books.

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"With Zoho Books, I automated as many tasks as possible and that gave me a lot of time to focus on my business."

George Aliferies,
Executive Producer, Orama

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I sign up?

    Sign up for our fully-featured 14-day free trial, and share your credit card information only when you are ready to pay.

  • Am I bound to Zoho Books forever?

    No way! Zoho Books is a pay-as-you-go service, so you are not bound by any contract or commitment to stay subscribed.

  • What are the payment options?

    We accept payments via Visa, MasterCard, and American Express and MasterCard. We also accept PayPal and wire transfer for the yearly plan.

  • What is the maximum number of transactions you can create in a month?

    You can create up to 5000 transactions in a month, in the highest plan.

  • Are you US/EU safe harbor compliant?

    Yes, we are US/EU Safe Harbor Compliant.

  • Is there a discount for the yearly plan?

    Of course! For our yearly plan, pay for 10 months and enjoy two months of Zoho Books absolutely free.

  • How many users can I add in the professional plan of Zoho Books?

    You can add up to 10 users in the professional plan of Zoho Books. If you need to add more users, please reach out to us at sales@zohofinance.com.

  • How secured are my transactions?

    All your financial transactions are secured with Zoho Books through SSL encryption.

  • Can I run more than one business?

    Yes, absolutely. You can have multiple businesses as different organizations associated with your Zoho Books account.

  • Can I cancel my subscription?

    If at any time you are not satisfied with our product or service, you can get a full refund based on our company refund policy.

  • Do you store my credit card information?

    No, we don't store your credit card information. Take a look at our Privacy Policy to learn more.

  • Have more Questions?

    We are available 24 hours a day, Monday through Friday. Email us at support@zohobooks.com or call us at 8443165544