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  • mobile expense management
    Accelerate travel expense reporting with a mobile application

    It’s well-known that finance teams work on strict deadlines. Your finance manager wants to close each quarter on time so they can have an accurate picture of the business' finances for that period. While there are several factors that could disrupt your finance manager’s quest for accuracy, the major disruptor in the…

    4 mins read
  • PSD2 cheat sheet
    PSD2 Cheat Sheet

    The revised payment service directive (PSD2) is an update of the existing PSD1, which was introduced in 2007 and provided a single market for making payments in the European Union (EU). Soon after the introduction of the initial PSD, many new service providers introduced new ways to make online payments. As the…

    1 mins read
  • what is accounts payable? how do i prepare myself for an ap audit
    What is Accounts Payable? How Do I Prepare Myself for an AP Audit?

    Every business that buys goods and services from its suppliers on credit has to record its accounts payable, or the money that it owes to its suppliers. It is not enough to just record your bills and pay them off—it is important to audit accounts payable regularly to ensure that everything is in order. Not auditing accounts payable can lead…

    3 mins read
  • What is consignment?
    What is consignment?

    Consignment is an arrangement between a reseller (consignee) and their supplier (consignor), that allows the reseller to pay for their products after the products have been sold. To start, the supplier sends the reseller some products without collecting any payment for them, and the reseller puts them up for sale in…

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  • What is consignment?
    What is supply chain management?

    A supply chain refers to all of the people, activities, resources, and information involved in turning goods and services from raw materials into final products. A supply chain consists of several production processes like manufacturing from natural resources, transferring and storing commodities, and delivering the finished product to customers. It used to…

    3 mins read
  • succession-planning-for-accountants
    Everything you need to know about succession planning

    Running your accounting firm all by yourself sounds cool, but let's face it: you won't be able to run your business forever. Everybody has to face retirement, even accountants and financial advisers. Your organization has a reputation to maintain, even after your time as founder or CEO has passed. The…

    7 mins read
  • Choosing the right payment gateway - Zoho Books
    How to choose the right payment gateway

    If you are a growing business looking to streamline your customers' payment process and improve your cashflow, you should now be quite sure that online payments via payment gateways are the best way to go. Payment gateways not only make it easy for your customers to pay you, these payments…

    5 mins read
  • Make Better and More Effective Payment Pages
    Make Better and More Effective Payment Pages

    Once you have delivered a product or service to your customer, it's time to collect the payment. As a business owner, helping your customer make the payment as smoothly and efficiently as possible is one of your most important tasks.   You probably already know how important online payments are,…

    3 mins read