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All the features you will need in an accounting software


Simplify Receivables, Streamline Cash Flow

Optimize your receivables process for consistent cash flow management. Streamline invoice generation, effortlessly track payments, and manage outstanding amounts.

Sending quotes, invoices, and sales orders from Zoho Books accounting software

Rapidly create quotes with minimal effort

Quickly create and send professional, personalized, and branded quotes from anywhere using your phone or desktop, and lock deals sooner.

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Create professional invoices

Automate invoice creation for precise tax calculations and enhance brand value with custom branding. Expand globally with multi-currency and multilingual invoicing. Creating recurring invoices automatically to ensure timely payments from regular transactions.

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Perfecting sales order fulfillment

Streamline order to cash process with robust sales order functionalities. Cash in by converting sales orders to invoices, and if low on stock, easily convert any sales order to a purchase order to replenish your stock.

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Accept online payments

Enhance your client experience by providing online payment convenience through payment links or the client portal. Set automated reminders at intervals of your choosing to ensure timely payments from customers.

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Optimize sales with sales approvals

Easily implement single or multi-level sales approvals to prevent any unauthorized sales transactions and minimize errors in your invoices, sales orders, quotes, and credit notes.


Control spending with effective payables management

Have a command over your payables and vendor relationships. Manage vendor bill payments, track outstanding amounts, and easily record any incurred expense.

Vendor bills management and expenses tracking with Zoho Books accounting software

Manage Vendor Bills

Know exactly what you owe to whom. Convert vendor invoices to bills, record full or partial payments, apply vendor credits, and track the status of all your vendor payments seamlessly.

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Streamline your purchase order workflow

Streamlines your purchasing process and strengthens vendor relationships, offering clear insights into orders, tracking deliveries and payments, and ensuring optimal inventory levels at all times.

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Simplify expense tracking

Ditch the shoebox and capture all your business expenses digitally. Auto-scan expense receipts, set recurring expenses, and categorize them for better insights into your business spend.

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Store documents centrally

Easily organize and access important documents for your business. Attach receipts to expenses or bills, enable auto-scan for quick transaction creation, and sort documents into custom folders for quick access.

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Verify purchases with purchase approvals

Control and streamline purchases as you ensure accurate and prompt payments to your vendors by setting up single or multi-level purchase approval to bills, purchase orders, and vendor credits.


Navigate the complex world of compliance with confidence

Track sales tax and payments made to your vendors for 1099 and generate timely sales tax and 1099 reports.

Zoho Books for tracking tax

Sales tax

Easily track tax exemptions, and payments that you owe to the state tax authority and generate accurate sales tax liability reports.

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1099 tax

Set up and track payments made to your contractors and generate 1099-MISC reports instantly. Zoho Books makes it easier for you to file the 1099 MISC reports with Tax1099 and Yearli integration.


Seamlessly sync your bank with your books

Zoho Books enhances banking efficiency by enabling businesses to connect with their bank and credit card accounts, automatically import transactions, categorize them, and streamline the reconciliation process for swift month-end closing.

Bank reconciliation, bank feeds, and bank connect on Zoho Books

Connect bank feeds

Get bank feeds flowing into Zoho Books automatically or manually import bank statements to populate bank transactions ready for seamless reconciliation with your business transactions.

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Auto-categorize and Match transactions

Categorize and match transactions manually or let Zoho Books' Bank Rules automatically categorize bank withdrawals and deposits.

Streamlined Reconciliation

Close books faster with Zoho Books' reconciliation, ensuring perfect synchronization of bank accounts and business transactions. .


Efficient inventory and stock management

Track every item in your inventory with precision to efficiently maintain stock and promptly fulfil orders.

Track inventory and manage items and stock on your accounting software

Manage items

Maintain an organized inventory by clearly defining each item, including its cost and sale prices, quantity units, SKUs, product photos, and stock levels.

Create Price lists

Create customized price lists for your items with markups or discounts and associate them to sales or purchase transactions as required.

Restock proactively

Avoid stockouts by setting reorder points and receiving alerts before stock levels dip. Instantly send purchase orders to preferred vendors for efficient restocking.

Make Inventory Adjustments

Promptly make inventory adjustments in stock quantity or stock value for damaged/missing products or reevaluated prices, ensuring accurate records.

Advanced Inventory Control

Unlock advanced modules like composite items, item groups, packages, shipments, and bulk adjustments.

Inventory for eCommerce

Seamlessly synchonize inventory levels in your online sales channels & shopping carts including Amazon, Etsy, eBay, Shopify, and Zoho Commerce by connecting with Zoho Books.


Transform time into profits with projects and timesheets

Zoho Books empowers you to take on projects, set project budgets, assign project tasks, and easily bill your clients. Gain insights to optimize your projects for maximum profitability.

Manage multiple projects and track project tasks, timesheets, and budgets on Zoho Books.

Project budgeting

Add cost and revenue budgets in your project to analyze estimated and actual income earned or expenses incurred. Additionally, set budgets for tasks, staff, or total hours spent. Generate comprehensive Budget vs Actuals reports for evaluating projects.

Project Timesheet and approval

Allow staff to log their time directly on Zoho Books using the timer, accessible via the web app, browser extension, mobile app, or smartphone widget. Set internal and customer approval for timesheets before billing them.

Project Billing and Expenses

Accurately invoice your client for the projects you undertake and track every penny spent on a project, billable or non-billable. Bill customers based on the total cost, hours spent, tasks performed, and expenses incurred. Easily raise project retainer invoices too.

Project profitability

Leverage the project profitability report to identify high-profit projects and optimize resource allocation for improved efficiency and profitability.


Unified accounting and payroll mastery

Experience the power of integrated payroll processing and accounting. Handle employee pay runs, tax compliance, and seamlessly integrate all your financials within one comprehensive platform.

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    Make informed business decisions with comprehensive reports

    Stay on top of finance and business operations with 70+ built-in and customizable reports and advanced analytics to understand the past, present, and future of your business performance.

    Key financial reports available on Zoho Books.

    Business financial reports

    Run key business key business reports ranging from profit and loss, cash flow, and balance sheet to understand business performance. Compare trends across different periods or divisions in the business financial reports instantly.

    70+ built-in reports

    Browse from a range of reports covering all business operations from sales, expenses, and purchases to inventory, projects, accounts, and taxes. Up-to-date and readily available for your convenience.

    Tailor reports to your requirement

    Create custom reports tailored for your unique business needs by changing the relative date range, adding or removing columns, and applying filters. Click and view this custom report anytime to access updated and tailored insights instantaneously.

    Generate divisional reports with reporting tags

    Use reporting tags on contacts, items, and transactions to easily generate divisional reports. The reporting tags are particularly useful when dealing with multiple cost centers, revenue streams, different areas of business interest or operations.

    Share reports with stakeholders

    Share reports by exporting them in both PDF and spreadsheet formats, protect them with a password if required, and set up scheduled emails to send reports to select individuals periodically. Additionally, grant specific access to reports for your users as needed.

    Advanced Business Intelligence

    Take reporting to the next level with Zoho’s business intelligence tool. Zoho Books integrates with Zoho Analytics to let you create advanced reports and dashboards.Make intelligent financial decisions with cross-functional data or consolidate financials from multiple businesses.


    Unified collaboration addressing everyday accounting needs

    Foster collaboration between your team, customers, suppliers, and accountants. Easily communicate, collaborate on tasks, and share insights—all in a single platform.

    Collaboration on chat, tasks, and customer portal with Zoho Books.

    Improve customer experience

    Elevate brand perception with a dedicated self-service customer portal. Invite customers to accept quotes, review transactions, and make online payments.Negotiate in the comments, and speed up your quote-to-cash process.

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    Empower vendor collaboration

    Improve vendor communication with a dedicated vendor portal for your suppliers. Your vendors can receive purchase orders, track bill payment status and communicate with you real-time. Uploaded invoices can be converted to Bills in Zoho Books.

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    Simplify accountant collaborations

    Invite your accountant in Zoho Books to access real-time data. From handling journal entries and base currency adjustments to reconciliation and generating reports accountants can effortlessly manage your books from anywhere.

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    Enhance team collaboration

    Foster team collaboration and level-up task management. Communicate on transactions and tasks via voice, video, or screen sharing calls. Assign, prioritize, and monitor accounting tasks. Tag them with contacts, items, transactions, or journals for context.


    Expert help for accurate books

    Join Zoho Books organization as an accountant to manage books for businesses from anywhere!

    Manage chart of accounts, journals, and transaction period locking.

    Organized Chart of Accounts

    Keep track of financial activities in your general ledger with a well organized chart of accounts. Add new sub-accounts within assets, liabilities, equity, income, and expense categories as needed.

    Manual Journal Entries

    Use manual journal entries to record those unique account credits and debits that are not associated with your regular sales and purchase transactions like non-routine adjustments, asset depreciation, bad debts, or acured expense.

    Base currency adjustments

    Adjust for fluctuating exchange rates using base currency adjustments to learn the profit or loss incurred in transactions involving foreign exchange.

    Budgeting Made Simple

    Set targets or forecast business performance by easily setting meticulous budgets for income, expenses, and other accounts. Access budget vs. actuals report for valuable insights.

    Transaction locking

    Nearing audit or tax filing date? Lock transactions in Zoho Books by specifying an end-of-period lock date to prevent unauthorized changes to the books.

    Zoho Practice

    Zoho Practice is a practice management software for accounting firms to streamline tasks and manage Zoho Books clients.

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    Workflow Automation

    Accounting automation for maximum efficiency

    • Automate high-volume tasks : Leverage recurring expenses, invoices, or bills. Convert quotes to invoices or create bills from purchase orders. Establish payment reminders, and auto-charge cards for efficient payment collection.
    • Trigger workflow : Easily create and trigger unique business workflows to notify, update, or validate information. Maximize security, visibility, and day-to-day efficiency.

    Customized solutions for your unique needs

    Craft customized processes that cater specifically to your unique business requirements. With personalized settings, custom fields, custom templates and custom reports, you can adapt our system to suit your business needs.

      Customizing Zoho Books app for your business.

      Go global with Zoho Books

      Easily manage customers and vendors across the globe. Use the right currency, the right language, and the right format in transactions and communications. Zoho Books is designed for users worldwide to manage businesses beyond borders.

      Use preferred language and currencies on Zoho Books, and simplify currency exchanges.

      Handle multi-currency transactions

      Manage global customers or vendors with Zoho Books' multi-currency support, managing transactions in multiple currencies for clients worldwide.Meanwhile, Zoho Books records transactions in your base currency, calculating the exchange rates automatically.

      Select language preference

      Zoho Books is available in 22 languages. Select a language for your interface based on your business location. Send transaction documents, create email templates, and setup self-service portals in the preferred language of your diverse customers and vendors.

      Built for teams spread across the globe

      Whether managing finances from a corner office or a home office, Zoho Books ensures collaboration and accessibility for remote users and your accountant, fostering efficient and connected global financial operations.


      Elevate your efficiency with our array of seamless integrations.

      Connect effortlessly with payment gateways, third-party applications, Zoho apps, and partner banks to supercharge your accounting operations, propelling productivity to unprecedented heights.

      Use preferred language and currencies on Zoho Books, and simplify currency exchanges.

      More ways to access Zoho Books

      Get native Zoho Books apps designed for your desktop, mobile, tablet, and smartwatch. Download from Microsoft Store, Play Store, or App Store today, and do accounting-on-the-move!


      Data security and privacy at the core of our growth philosophy

      At Zoho, your security and privacy come first. With Zoho Books, you get the best of both worlds—robust data protection and compliance with industry-leading privacy standards.

      Ensuring security with powerful features and compliance.

      User roles

      Choose from predefined user roles or tailor permission by defining custom roles on Zoho Books. Control access to modules to ensure data security and accountability.

      Audit trail

      Track all transactions and changes on Zoho Books with the tamper-proof audit trail feature. Access a comprehensive audit trail and activity report or drill down on the history of any contact, item, or transaction to learn who did what and when.


      Zoho Books is PCI-DSS Level 1 certified and encrypts your customers' sensitive personal and payment information.


      Stay HIPAA compliant with Zoho Books by safeguarding the integrity of protected health information.

      EU GDPR

      Be equipped to securely collect, store, and process your customer’s data in accordance with the GDPR compliance using Zoho Books.