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The tax return generated in Zoho Books will be helpful during your tax return filing. This Tax return will be in accordance with your tax period and the transactions recorded in Zoho Books.

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Insight: Tax payments can be recorded either via a Bank or a Cash Account. However, a tax claim can be recorded only through a bank account.


Tax Return Process

Once you file your tax return to NBR, you can mark the generated tax return as filed in Zoho Books. After you have paid the Tax amount to NBR or reclaimed the Tax amount from NBR, you can record it from three different modules in Zoho Books.


You can record tax payments or claims for the filed returns from the Reports module. Here’s how: 

Tax Payment

Tax Payment Tax Payment

Tax Claim

Tax Claim Tax Claim


You can record tax payments and tax claims from the Accountant module. Here’s how:

Tax Payment

Tax payment-accountant Tax Payment - Accountant

Tax Claim

Tax Claim-Accountant Tax Claim-Accountant


You can record tax payments and claims from the Banking module. Here’s how:

Tax Payment

Banking-Tax Banking-Tax payment Banking-Tax Banking-Tax payment

Tax Claim

Bank list Banking-Tax Claim Banking-Tax Claim Banking-Tax Claimed

Payment History

Now that you have recorded all the payments and claims, you can also view them in the payments history section. Here’s How

The list of all the tax payments and tax claims will be listed here.

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