On-demand Webinars

Learn how Zoho Analytics seamlessly works in your data ecosystem to visually analyze your data for powerful business insights. Watch at your convenience!

  • Automate your data pipeline and time to insight with a modern BI platform
    By Mahashree

    Learn about the automation imperative in BI and analytics and how businesses can enable automation across the data pipeline.

    By MahashreeMarketing Analyst
  • Unified data management and analytics - An essential need for today's businesses
    By Paige Bartley

    Watch our session with Paige Bartley, senior research analyst at S&P Global, as we discuss unified data management and analytics, and why it matters.

    Paige Bartley
    By Paige BartleySenior Research Analyst at S&P Global Market Intelligence
  • Retail analytics: Identifying revenue hotspots and optimizing retail operations
    By Mahashree

    Learn how retailers can harness the power of analytics to drive revenue across the value chain and gain competitive advantage.

    By MahashreeMarketing Analyst
  • Nurturing data-driven decision-making with augmented analytics
    By Mahashree

    Learn about how businesses identify and address individual analytical needs and harness AI and ML capabilities to enable data-driven decisions.

    By MahashreeMarketing Analyst
  • Project analytics: 360° insights for successful project delivery
    By Mahashree

    Learn about the 4 must-have project analytics dashboards that transform project data into actionable insights and empower project managers to deliver projects successfully.

    By MahashreeMarketing Analyst
  • 2022 - The state of business intelligence
    By Howard Dresner

    Watch our session with Dresner Advisory Services as we examine the latest end-user trends surrounding the BI and analytics market. This session covers business intelligence drivers, targets, and success factors, the increasing importance of data leadership, and much more!

    Howard Dresner
    By Howard DresnerChief Research Officer, Dresner Advisory Services
  • AI in BI: Automating and Accelerating Business Insights
    By Matt Aslett

    Learn more on how businesses can gain competitive advantage with AI in BI from Matt Aslett, VP & Research Director at Ventana Research.

    Matt Aslett
    By Matt AslettVP & Research Director, Ventana Research
  • 7 BI trends to watch in 2022
    By Ashwinth S

    Learn about the top 7 BI trends in 2022 that will transform the BI landscape and help you make better business decisions.

    By Ashwinth SSr. Marketing Analyst
  • Analytics does not age well: Why fast implementations deliver more benefits
    By Robert Tischler

    Learn why fast implementation of BI & Analytics delivers immense benefits, based on BARC's research study—The BI & Analytics Survey.

    By Robert TischlerMD & Sr Analyst at the BARC, Austria
  • Growing an Agile Project Portfolio with Advanced Analytics
    By Ashwinth S

    In this webinar, you'll learn how advanced analytics empowers project managers to derive insights and improve business agility.

    By Ashwinth SSr. Marketing Analyst
  • How a Modern BI & Analytics platform is the key to insights-driven business
    By Chandrashekar LSP

    Webinar featuring Boris Evelson from Forrester. Learn the characteristics and benefits of being an insights-driven business, and some best practices for advancing your insights-driven capabilities.

    By Chandrashekar LSPEvangelist, Zoho
  • Modern Enterprise BI & Analytics Platform - A deep dive into Zoho Analytics
    By Ashwinth S

    Learn how Zoho Analytics complements your business efforts at every stage of your BI workflow with real-life enterprise use cases.

    By Ashwinth SSr. Marketing Analyst
  • 5 Growth Drivers a Modern Analytics Platform Delivers
    By Ashwinth S

    Learn about the latest innovations in the BI & analytics domain and some key indicators that can help you assess your existing analytical systems.

    By Ashwinth SSr. Marketing Analyst
  • Accelerate Multi-channel Online Retail with Advanced Analytics
    By Ashwinth S

    Taking your retail online is no longer optional. Learn how you can make the most out of your multi-channel online sales strategy with the help of an integrated inventory management app and an analytics platform.

    By Ashwinth SSr. Marketing Analyst
  • 5 ways to supercharge your IT Help Desk with Advanced Analytics.
    By Ashwinth S

    This webinar is filled with interesting use cases that'll help you out in your day-to-day service efforts.

    By Ashwinth SSr. Marketing Analyst
  • 7 BI Trends To Watch In 2021
    By Sailas Sundaram

    Firm up your data and analytics strategy for 2021 with these key bellwethers.

    By Sailas SundaramLead, Product Management
  • 5 Ways Augmented Analytics Will Drive Faster & Better Decision Making
    By Doug Henschen

    This webinar was hosted by Zoho Analytics and Constellation Research. Learn how augmented analytics drives better and faster decision making.

    By Doug HenschenVice President and Principal Analyst, Constellation Research
  • Financial Analytics: Empowering businesses at every stage of growth
    By Ashwinth S

    This webinar talks about multi-org consolidation, forecasting cash flows and key finance KPIs, profit analysis, blending finance with non-finance data for cross functional insights, and a lot more.

    By Ashwinth SSr. Marketing Analyst
  • Power up your Unified Business Analytics with robust Data Pipelines
    By Ashwinth S

    Learn how data pipelines can power up your unified business analytics, to empower teams with cross-functional insights for better business decisions.

    By Ashwinth SSr. Marketing Analyst
  • 3 steps to powering your Marketing Life Cycle with Analytics
    By Ashwinth S

    Learn how to build a layer of business insights over your marketing life cycle to achieve your marketing goals.

    By Ashwinth SSr. Marketing Analyst
  • KPI dashboards—an indispensable business enabler
    By Ashwinth S

    Learn how KPI dashboards are empowering teams and becoming an indispensable business enabler.

    By Ashwinth SSr. Marketing Analyst
  • Align IT monitoring metrics and business KPIs using Advanced Analytics
    By Ashwinth S

    ​Add a layer of business-critical insights to your IT monitoring efforts, using advanced analytics.

    By Ashwinth SSr. Marketing Analyst
  • Bridging the 4 gaps in Social Media before Business As Usual
    By Ashwinth S

    Learn how teams can use analytics to bridge the 4 gaps in social media marketing before business normalcy.

    By Ashwinth SSr. Marketing Analyst
  • A Holistic Approach to Sales using Analytics
    By Ashwinth S

    Prepare your teams for Sales 3.0—a holistic approach to sales. Learn the skills needed to look beyond sales numbers for insights, using analytics.

    By Ashwinth SSr. Marketing Analyst
  • The 5 key elements of successful BCPs
    By Ashwinth S

    Revisit widely adopted Business Continuity Planning (BCP) practices with the 5 key elements of successful BCPs, and learn how organizations can respond to ongoing business challenges using analytics and insights.

    By Ashwinth SSr. Marketing Analyst
  • How Sales Analytics Drives Revenue Growth
    By Ashwinth S

    Learn how Sales Analytics can drive revenue growth. This is a perfect time to align your team towards your sales targets and expectations with the help of deep insights.

    By Ashwinth SSr. Marketing Analyst
  • Top 7 BI trends to watch in 2020
    By Ashwinth S

    This webinar is on the top 7 BI trends that are disrupting the analytics landscape. These pivotal trends will enable you to prepare your business for 2020.

    By Ashwinth SSr. Marketing Analyst
  • 5 Must Have Inventory Reports for Online Sellers
    By Ashwinth S

    This webinar empowers online sellers and retailers by digging into the 5 must-have inventory reports that focus on the core metrics and insights that drive businesses efficiently.

    By Ashwinth SSr. Marketing Analyst
  • Unified Analytics: A Core Need for Businesses Today
    By Chandana Gopal

    The webinar talks about the challenges businesses face today when it comes to analyzing data, and how end-to-end unified business analytics can act as an effective solution.

    By Chandana GopalResearch Director, IDC
  • AI and the Future of Business Analytics
    By Mike Ferguson

    How to use smart Business Intelligence and Analytics, powered by AI, to improve business effectiveness in the digital era?

    By Mike FergusonMD, Intelligent Business Strategies