Testimonials are probably the most important forms of social proof you can offer on your company website. But of course, this only holds if they’re well written, authentic, and positioned wisely on your website. Here’s our checklist to help ensure you’re covering these three things.

☐ My testimonials tell before-and-after stories by offering specific data, numbers, or outcomes

☐ At least some of my testimonials raise and dispel prospect objections

All of my testimonials include authenticity markers (photos, social media handles, etc)

☐ I employ a range of strategies for gathering new testimonials for my business

☐ I keep a dedicated testimonials page on my website

☐ I also disperse testimonials throughout my website—particularly at my site’s friction points

☐ I’ve paid attention to both the language and the design of the testimonials on my webpages

☐ I’ve made it easy for existing customers to submit testimonials through my website

☐ I offer video testimonials as well as text-based testimonials on my site

☐ I ask strong questions—on my customer satisfaction surveys and elsewhere—to elicit stellar testimonials

☐ I have enough testimonials on my website that all possible objections are raised and all of my customer personas are spoken to

☐ I keep a diligent eye on my email inbox, my blog comments, and on public review sites and social media channels to mine “organic” testimonials from customers and followers

☐ Testimonial collection is part of my regular business routine

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