Homepage Checklist

Print out our homepage checklist and keep it near as you're creating or updating your business homepage. It will help ensure you've included all the important elements (and more!) we've discussed in this homepage content. Read more

FAQ Page Checklist 

Now it's your turn to put together your company's FAQ, using some combination of your own intuition, your experience as a site user... and this checklist that summarizes all the best practices we've discussed.  Read more

CTA Button Checklist 

As you surely know by now, there are quite a few essential elements that go into a stellar call to action. Keep this checklist close with every CTA you add to your site, to ensure you're abiding by best practices. (And then TEST, to ensure those best practices are best for YOU!) Read more

About Us Page Checklist

This checklist contains the most important elements of a business About page. It's worth keeping close as you write, organize, and design your own About Us page—just to ensure you don't neglect any of the important stuff. Read more

Web Form Checklists

Now it's time to design your company's web forms, using your own intuition and user experience... as well as our web form checklists. Print them out and keep them nearby as you work. This way you're sure to start out on the right foot—with proven best practices. Read more

Testimonials Checklist

So you're ready to up your testimonials game? Use our testimonials checklist to make sure you take all the right steps when it comes to collecting reviews, requesting testimonials, and placing them intelligently on your website. Read more

Business Blog Checklist

We'd understand if you're overwhelmed by the sheer number of best practices we gave you in our business blog content. This checklist gathers them all in one place, and is the perfect resource for you to print out and keep near on your own blogging journey. Read more