Homepage Checklist

Now it’s time to sit down and start mapping out your own homepage. We recommend you keep this checklist nearby to ensure you don’t leave out any... Read more

FAQ Page Checklist 

Your company’s FAQ can be the difference between a frustrated site visitor, and one who experiences both great UX and clarity about your business.... Read more

CTA Button Checklist

You’ve got one (or maybe more than one) on every page of your site. They’re where your site visitors make some of their biggest decisions… and... Read more

About Us Page Checklist

Hopefully at this point, you’ve spent some time doing the deep thinking about what your business is really up to: what its core values are; why it... Read more

Web Form Checklists

In previous sections, we’ve offered you examples and explanations of best practices for your business’s web forms—its email signup form, its... Read more

Testimonials Checklist

Testimonials are probably the most important forms of social proof you can offer on your company website. But of course, this only holds if they’re... Read more

Our Business Blog Checklist

Maybe your business blog has been up and running for years; maybe you’re putting it together now, with plans for an imminent launch date. Wherever... Read more