Hopefully at this point, you’ve spent some time doing the deep thinking about what your business is really up to: what its core values are; why it exists as well as what it offers; what makes you stand apart from your competitors; what makes you singular to your prospects and customers in a world of overwhelming business options.

The truth is that your business is like no other business out there. It might make a similar product, but it runs thanks to a team of employees whose personalities give it a unique flavor; it arose out of a different set of circumstances and a different vision; its day-to-day operations and employee interactions are its own.

These are the compelling stories and anecdotes about your business you’ll share in your About Page copy. But of course, there are many other elements that go into an exemplary About Page—one that charms a wide range of site visitors. Here’s our checklist to make sure you’ve got those elements covered:


☐ My About Page headline announces my business’s value proposition and speaks directly to prospect benefits

☐ My About Page speaks to my full range of site visitors—including prospects, customers, and potential emloyees and collaborators

☐ My About Page copy and images inspire trust in my site visitors

☐ My About Page isn’t really “about” my business at all; it’s about my prospects, customers, and visitors

☐ My About Page is a multimedia offering that captures my visitors’ attentions

☐ The opening sentences of my About Page speak to my visitors’ pain points, letting them know immediately whether or not they’re in the right place

☐ My About Page copy is conversational and authentic in tone; I’ve ditched the jargon and I speak to my site visitors in the language I know they use

☐ I let the facts and figures of my company’s successes speak for themselves: There are no exaggerations or “fluffy” adjectives in my About Page copy

☐ My About Page tells a compelling story about my business

☐ I display customer testimonials and other forms of social proof on my About Page

☐ I’m clear about my company values in my About Page copy

☐ I offer employee bios on my About Page, giving my team the chance to speak about our work in their own words

☐ I don’t just offer a history on my About Page; I share a vision of where the company is headed

☐ My company’s contact information is unmissable on the page

☐ My About Page closes with a call to action

Improving Engagement and Conversions on Your About Us Page
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