You’ve got one (or maybe more than one) on every page of your site. They’re where your site visitors make some of their biggest decisions… and where you’ll either score conversions, or you won’t. We’re here to help you aim for the former. This checklist will help ensure that each one of your website’s calls to action is as powerful as it can be.

☐ My CTA buttons actually look like buttons

☐ My CTA buttons stand out in stark contrast to the color on the rest of the page, and I’ve made use of white space to make them pop even more

☐ My CTA colors are consistent across my company’s website

☐ If I use icons on my CTA buttons, they’re straightforward and don’t overwhelm the copy

☐ My button copy is brief, descriptive, and compelling

☐ My CTA copy passes the “I want to ____” test

☐ I use action words in my button copy

☐ My CTA copy focuses on prospect benefits

☐ My CTA copy creates a sense of urgency

☐ I position compelling click triggers near my CTA buttons

☐ My CTAs are intelligently placed near my prospects’ strongest desire points

☐ For the most part, I adhere to the “one CTA per page” rule; but when I don’t, my CTA hierarchy is clear

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