Maybe your business blog has been up and running for years; maybe you’re putting it together now, with plans for an imminent launch date. Wherever you happen to be on the long road of the company blog, here are the things worth remembering as you design your page, as you write each new post, and as you plan out your business blog’s future:

☐ My business blog is clear about both its goals and its audience

☐ My blog’s template was carefully chosen based on the content I offer

☐ My blog posts come out of keyword research and a clear sense of what my prospects are searching for

☐ I prioritize long-tail keywords in my blog copy, alt text, anchor text, and elsewhere

☐ I use internal and external links wherever possible in my posts

☐ My blog titles are descriptive and compelling

☐ My blog posts are written in my own voice

☐ I post frequently (or my freelance blogger posts frequently) on my company blog

☐ Many of my blog posts are written in response to prospect and customer questions or reader requests

☐ My evergreen posts are perpetually visible to my blog’s visitors

☐ My blog posts are intuitively tagged and categorized for easy user navigation

☐ My blog’s sidebar is designed with user experience in mind

☐ I strive for variety in my blog posts

☐ My featured images are relevant to their respective posts, unambiguous, and SEO-friendly

☐ I have legal permission to use all of the images on my blog

☐ Each of my blog posts closes with a call to action

☐ I have a strategy in place for building my blog’s audience, and I tend to it regularly

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