FAQ Page Checklist 

FAQ Pages | April 16, 2018 | 2 minutes read

Your company’s FAQ can be the difference between a frustrated site visitor, and one who experiences both great UX and clarity about your business. It can be the difference between a site exit and a conversion. It can be the difference between a wary visitor and one who is suddenly inspired to trust you. But it can make these differences only if it’s done well. So to help ensure you rock your company’s FAQ, here’s our checklist of essential FAQ elements and best practices.


☐ The link to my FAQ is impossible to miss on my homepage

☐ The “Frequently Asked Questions” I offer are questions I’m actually frequently asked

☐ The negative or difficult questions my company receives are answered head-on in my FAQ

☐ My answers are short, to-the-point, and conversational in tone

☐ For questions that demand more detailed answers, I’ve linked from my FAQ page to dedicated pages for that information

☐ I use multimedia to answer questions where appropriate (video, infographics, etc)

☐ Where appropriate, I consider conversions in my FAQ answers by linking out to product pages, signup forms, etc

☐ The questions on my FAQ page are intuitively categorized and easy to navigate

☐ I have a search feature for my FAQ that is distinct from the search feature on the rest of my website

☐ My company’s contact details are prominently placed on my FAQ page

☐ I give users the opportunity to submit feedback at the end of my FAQ answers

☐ My FAQs are living documents, which I update regularly based on prospect and customer queries (via email, social media, support center calls, etc)

Increasing Conversions and Engagement on FAQ Pages
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