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Gifts, rewards, and surprises represent the expression of love. Similarly, we would like to extend the gratitude by offering you Zoho Wallet credits that will help you experience our vast portfolio of products. With these credits, you can purchase any new Zoho app or switch to higher edition of your current subscription based on the nature of credits and seamlessly explore the world of Zoho.


How to redeem credits?

  • Step 1

    If you are an existing user of Zoho, log in to your current Zoho product (or) If you are new user to Zoho, then sign up to any product of your choice at

  • Step 2

    After logging in to your Zoho product, access your Zoho subscription page to view your credits. 

  • Step 3

    You can also have a detailed insight on different types of credits in the credit dashboard under the Billing details tab.

  • Step 4

    You can upgrade to higher edition (or) buy a new Zoho product based upon your choice using your wallet credits in the payment page.

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  • I am new to Zoho. Am I eligible to use the credits for any Zoho app purchase?

    Yes, if only you have received any credits or credit voucher code via any of our promotions.

  • Do all the credits have an expiration date?

    Yes, every credit is time sensitive and the validity differs based on the type of credit.

  • Can these credits be encashed?

    No. These can be used only for purchases or upgrades within Zoho.

  • Can the customer use the available promotional wallet credit for the purchase of Zoho One?

    Yes, only if they are completely new to Zoho. Active paying customers of any Zoho subscription aren't eligible to purchase Zoho One via these credits.

  • Any exception for the usage of credits?

    For Annual purchases only, customers/prospects are restricted on the usage of Zoho Wallet credits upto 50% of the invoice amount or maximum of $200, which ever is lower.

  • Will credits be given to existing / new customers with discounted pricing (beyond the standard card rate) when they sign up for an annual pricing at the time of renewal?


  • If the customer purchases multiple products in a year under the annual pricing model, will credit be provided for every transaction?

    Yes. However, we have fixed a maximum cap up to which the credits are offered.

  • Are there different types of Wallet credit available?

    Yes, based on the nature of the transactions made by the customer or the Zoho promotions, the credit type will vary.

  • Will existing customers already in the annual pricing mode be eligible for Wallet credit when they renew their contract?


  • What happens when the customer cancels /downgrades/ deletes the account in between the subscription period?

    All unused credits will lapse.

  • Who can redeem the available credits?

    Credits owner can only redeem the available credits.

  • Can the customer transfer credit between 2 users?

    Yes. It can be transferred between users as long as it is within the same organization (same domain) and country. For transfer of credits, it's mandatory for customers to raise a request at

  • Can the wallet promotion be used with any other existing promotion?

    No. This offer cannot be combined with any other offer.

  • Can the existing Wallet credits earned from previous transactions be used for a subsequent purchase with discounted pricing? For example, the customer has $200 in the wallet and negotiating a discounted pricing deal for a new product.

    Yes, the existing Wallet credit can be used.

  • What can Zoho One customer use the credits for, if any?

    Credits can be used for purchase of any new Zoho Apps that aren't included in ONE bundle.

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