Secure every password

Save every password and all your sensitive data and documents in one secure place.

Secure every password
  • Store unlimited passwords, documents, and notes
  • One vault to store both personal and enterprise passwords
  • Create custom password types
  • Import passwords from external files
  • Save login for 400+ popular websites with quick-add
  • AES 256 encryption for all passwords

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Secure, simple
password sharing

Share passwords with hassle-free tracking and accountability.

Secure, simple password sharing
  • Grant and revoke password access
  • Share with individuals and groups
  • Share securely with third parties
  • Grant multi-level sharing permissions
  • Bulk share passwords and password folders
  • Restrict access for critical passwords

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everyone's access

Define user roles and manage access privileges as needed.

Manage everyone's access
  • Assign roles
  • Revoke user access
  • Transfer password ownership
  • Reacquire enterprise passwords from users

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Share passwords
across your team

Save time and hassle: group your users into different teams and share passwords in bulk with a single click.

Share passwords across your team
  • Create user groups
  • Share passwords across groups
  • Instantly grant and revoke access

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Log in to websites instantly

Our browser extensions automatically log you into saved websites, autofill passwords in a single click, and remember all your passwords so you don't have to.

  • Add our extensions for popular browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, and more
  • Update new passwords with one click
  • Generate strong passwords
  • Save new sign-ups to Vault instantly

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Get timely alerts
to reset your passwords

Set reminders for your users to change their passwords as often as your company requires.

Get timely alerts to reset your passwords
  • Set up a password policy
  • Create custom alerts based on password policy

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Additional security for your critical passwords

Enable access control on mission-critical shared passwords to prevent unauthorized access.

Additional security for your critical passwords
  • Customize your password request-release workflow
  • Set mandatory admin approvals
  • Set time-limited access
  • Customize your auto-approval process

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Track every action round the clock

Monitor every action carried out in your organization's vault using our real-time audits.

Track every action round the clock
  • Find details on all sensitive actions performed
  • Track all audits actions performed by admins
  • Get notifications for critical activities performed

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Integrate with popular help desks

Increase the safety of your critical shared passwords by managing password access requests through validated help desk tickets.

Integrate with popular help desks
  • Integrate popular help desk like Service Now, Zendesk, SDP On-Demand,and more
  • Audit password access requests
  • Define custom access criteria

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Emergency access
for all business passwords

Setup break-glass accounts to bail you out in a crisis by allowing temporary access to your business passwords.

Emergency access for all business passwords
  • Add emergency contacts
  • Declare emergencies
  • Revoke unnecessary emergencies
  • Conduct emergency audits

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Keep an eye on
your Vault

Know what's happening within your Vault account and get real-time notifications for critical changes

Keep an eye on your Vault
  • Receive email alerts for all sensitive actions performed in your organization
  • Handpick events to monitor
  • Get time-specific notifications

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Periodically update your passwords
with Vault

Change your passwords regularly with reminders and recommendations from Vault.

  • Reset your passwords in one-click from Vault
  • Track all password reset attempts in detail
  • Use Vault-recommended passwords for increased security
  • Set up auto-change for popular websites like Amazon, Google, Netflix, Box, and more.

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Get exclusive
reports from Vault

Monitor user behaviors and actions performed in your Vault account with our multiple exclusive reports.

Get exclusive reports from Vault
  • Manage user, password, and folder access
  • Review all password sharing
  • View all unchanged and frequently accessed passwords
  • Identify most active users

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Restrict access from unauthorized IPs

Configure the IPs that should and shouldn't access your organization's vault

Restrict access from unauthorized IPs
  • Allow access to specific IPs and IP ranges
  • Block access to malicious IPs

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Regular data backups

Stay emergency-ready with scheduled backups.

Regular data backups
  • Periodically back up data to your cloud accounts or email
  • Secure data encryption

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Advanced features, built for enterprises like yours

Our enterprise-ready features redefine the way you look at business security.

Advanced features, built for enterprises like yours
  • Single sign-on (SSO) for cloud applications
  • Integration with Microsoft and Azure AD
  • Integration with Office 365 and G Suite
  • Integration with OKTA and OneLogin
  • Integration with Zoho Mail and Zoho Desk

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Safe travel with your passwords

With our native mobile applications, your passwords go wherever you do.

  • Download mobile apps for iOS & Android
  • Use biometric authentication
  • Autofill passwords and log in to websites automatically
  • Work on the go with offline access

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