Never lose access to your business passwords

Access critical, unshared business passwords during emergencies


Keep your business running 24*7

Critical business passwords are often owned by a select few employees. The access to these passwords, however, needs to be available at a moment's notice, even if those employees are unavailable. With Vault, you can add emergency contacts who can temporarily access all business passwords during a crisis.

Using emergency contacts in a password manager
  • Grant emergency access for trusted contacts

    Super admins can add themselves or any user from their organization as a trusted emergency contact. These contacts are privileged to declare an emergency during business crises and access critical passwords.

    Grant emergency access to business passwords with Zoho Vault
  • Terminate suspicious sessions

    During an emergency, the designated emergency contact has temporary access to all business passwords for a limited time. However, the super admins can forcefully terminate an ongoing emergency if they find the reason to be invalid.

    Revoke suspicious emergency sessions using Zoho Vault

Track all emergency activities

Vault notifies every user in the organization over email when an emergency contact is added, as well as whenever an emergency is declared and ended. Vault will also audit all actions performed during the emergency period in real time.

Track emergency access audit trails using Zoho Vault