Manage your passwords on the move

Access your passwords from anywhere with our mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Password management made easy

Accessing and sharing passwords gets simple. View passwords in a single click and share them in bulk with multiple users or user groups.

Hassle-free login for your favorite apps

Autofill your passwords on your favorite apps and websites. Never have to type or recover another password on your mobile.

Access passwords offline

View previously viewed passwords offline and access them even without an internet connection.

Enable dark mode

Make password management easier on your eyes with the comfort of dark mode.

Convenient shortcuts

Create shortcuts to quickly carry out frequent actions such as generating a new password, viewing your favorite passwords, adding new passwords, and more.

Keep your business running 24/7

Approve password access requests instantly from your mobile. Increase productivity and keep your business running, even when you're away from work.

We value your security

Add additional security and easily unlock your Vault with your touch or face ID.

Get the ultimate security for your passwords on the move