Change passwords seamlessly for popular websites

Reset passwords for your accounts and update them in Vault with a single click


Reset passwords in few clicks

Manually changing passwords for your accounts is tedious. Simplify this process with Zoho Vault's password reset feature. This way, you can ensure your accounts are compliant with your organization's password policy, and save time doing so.

  • Change passwords effortlessly

    Reset passwords with a single click and auto update them in your Vault account. Save time and effort while enhancing your account's security.

    Change passwords automatically using Zoho Vault
  • Nothing goes unnoticed

    Vault tracks all password reset activities in the audits, detailing if the attempt was a success or failure, along with the timestamp and corresponding user's details.

    All password reset activities are tracked in audit trails

Strong passwords for all accounts

Increase the security of your accounts by setting strong, unique passwords. Avoid password reuse, and stay compliant with the password policy.


Growing list of supported websites

Automatic password reset is supported for multiple popular websites like Google, Dropbox, Amazon, Twitter, and a growing list of many others.