Track every action in your password vault around the clock

Monitor every action carried out in your organization's vault using our real-time audits


Nothing goes unnoticed

Keep an eye on who accesses which passwords at what time, for all actions made on your passwords, folders, users, admin activity, and more. 

Audit Fields from Zoho’s password manager

Super audit for super admins

Observe all the activities performed by admins in the Audits section. Capture the time stamp and IP addresses of the admins that viewed and exported audits, to keep an eye out for on insider threats.

Zoho Vault’s Password Audit page | Super Audit

Get notified with instant alerts

Configure notifications to receive instant alerts in your email for every critical action performed in your organization's vault. Never miss out on another critical activity, wherever you are.

Zoho Vault’s custom alerts for keeping track of password actions