Data backup for disaster recovery

Periodically backup your vault to restore data whenever necessary

  • Stay prepared

    Having backups of your passwords could come in handy during a crisis. Vault periodically sends an encrypted copy of all your passwords to your registered email address or cloud accounts of your choice.

  • Configure email backup

    Enable periodic data backup for your organization. By default, Vault sends all users encrypted copies of their data over email.

  • Store your backups in the cloud

    Allow users to back up their encrypted Zoho Vault data to their corporate accounts in cloud services like Amazon S3, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and Zoho WorkDrive.

  • Enforce restrictions

    Prevent users from sharing or receiving backup copies of passwords. Manage restrictions and prevent selective users from receiving data backup from Zoho Vault.

  • Never compromise on security

    The backup file Vault sends to you is securely encrypted and can only be decrypted with your master password—your backup is as safe as the passwords stored in Zoho Vault.