1. What is the Connections tab for?
A. The Connections tab lets you view all your key engagers in one place and see how you last interacted with them.
2. Can I engage directly with people from the Connections tab?
A. Yes. Click a connection and hover over one of their messages in the Interactions section. Click Details to see your message thread. To reply, type your message in the Keep the conversation going... text box and click Reply.

3. How often are Connections updated?
A. As soon as a member interacts with your brand on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, they are added to the Connections tab. If they interact on Google+, it takes 4 hours for them to appear in your Connections.
4. Why can't I see interactions for people who have followed me on Twitter and Instagram?
A. It probably means that they've followed you but not actually interacted with your Brand yet. When someone follows you on Twitter or Instagram but does not engage with your Brand, they will automatically be added to Connections but you will not see their activity under Interactions.

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