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G Suite Integration with Zoho Sign

G Suite, formerly known as Google Apps, is a popular online suite used by millions of small and medium-sized businesses. With Zoho Sign and G Suite integration, administrators can quickly import users, provide them single sign-on access, and save lots of time after getting started with the application. This integration will help users seamlessly log in with a single set of credentials, improve security, and export and import documents from Zoho Sign into Google Drive in no time.

This process involves two steps as described below:

Step 1: Integrating G Suite with Zoho Sign account

Step 2: Inviting users from G Suite


A valid G Suite subscription with admin privilege.

Integrating G Suite with Zoho Sign account

  1. Log in to G Suite as a super administrator.
  2. Navigate to Admin from the G Suite menu.
  3. In the Admin Console page, click on Apps. If you couldn't find Apps in the Admin Console screen, then click on More Controls to access Apps.
  4. Navigate to Marketplace apps, then click Add Marketplace Apps.
  5. Search for the Zoho Sign application. 
  6. Select Zoho Sign from the search results and click Install App.
  7. Click Continue.
  8. Enable the checkbox in the Grant Data Access page, then click Accept to install the application.
  9. Log in to Zoho Sign from here:  https://accounts.zoho.com/signin?servicename=ZohoSign
  10. Click the Sign in with Google or other IDPs option.
  11. Click Google.
  12. Follow the onscreen instruction and complete the login process.

Importing users from G Suite

Once you have associated your G Suite and Zoho Sign account, you can start importing users from G Suite into Zoho Sign in a few steps.

  1. Log in to Zoho Sign with the Sign in with Google option from here: https://accounts.zoho.com/signin?servicename=ZohoSign

2. Navigate to Users, then select Invite Google users.

3. Select which users should get access to Zoho Sign from the list.

4. Users must click the Join Organization button in the email they receive to join your Zoho Sign account.

5. Documents can be exported and imported into Google Drive directly from Zoho Sign.

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