There are few things which you would have probably seen, but let me introduce you to them.

First and fore most is that the operator can view what the visitor is typing in the messaging window even before the visitor sends the message to you. This helps the operator in being prepared, give quicker replies and keep the customer on their toes and quickens the sales process.




Second of all is our Notes section. Every time an operator completes his chat with a visitor, he could type out all the importance instances of that visitor for further reference. This will help other operators keep a check on the visitor without going though his recent chat transcripts. However it has to be manually maintained. Incase you have sent any mails to the visitor from the SalesIQ account, you can view those emails under the Notes section.



You can also view all the chat transcripts of a visitor while conversing with them. This is to help the operator understand the context in which he has to communicate with the visitor.


These small unique features can help you a lot in your bigger tasks. Make sure to use them effectively.

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