Zoho CRM allows to manage customer accounts and allows you to monitor all of their accounts from a shared database.  The tracking feature inside CRM allows you to notify the visitors on your website and select the type of visitors you wish to push in CRM from SalesIQ.

To capture the visitors who fill the web forms, make sure to keep the email and name fields as mandatory, because CRM requires these fields to push them as lead/contact.

Visitors who fill up web forms are considered to show an interest towards your product, hence fitting the criteria for being a lead/contact. Now, it is necessary to capture these visitors who come up only via web forms. To capture these visitors, it is necessary to enable Accessed option in "Choose the type of visitors you wish to add in CRM automatically" under CRM Integrations while "Track my website visitors inside CRM" is enabled (In the SalesIQ-Zoho CRM Integrations page)

Enabling this will now send the new visitors under Approve Leads/Approve Contacts section in the Leads/Contacts Module. Once approved, they are now your lead/contact and their visit can be traced in the Visits tab. However, remember that only a lead/contact can be traced in the Visits tab and it can be traced only once the visitor has left the website. In case an existing Lead/Contact fills up the web form , it simply updates the recent visits and the page details of the visitor.

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