Sample Response Parameters

Param Name Description Datatype Present Always Example value

chatinitiated_time Time at which visitor started the chat String No "1459171840646"

question Message with which the visitor initiated the chat String No "I need a help regarding installation"

visitor_name Name of the visitor String No "Patricia"

attender_email Name of the chat attender String No "Tom"

sender Unique ID of the agent involved in the chat. Not available for visitor. String No "5000000000007"

time time at which message has been sent String Yes "1459171979283"

dname display name of the sender of the message String Yes "Patricia" "Visitor" + <visitorid> - incase of anonymous visitor (ex : "Visitor 54627")

msg Message sent in the chat String, Object in case
of attachments
Yes "Happy to help you"
{ "dim":
"height": "90.0",
"width": "120.0"
, "url":
"fName": "rose.jpg",
"size": "3422"

mode This field will be present only in case of attachments or trigger messages String Yes "att" - for attachement