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What is Screen Sharing?

Screen sharing is a desktop-sharing technology by Zoho Assist that allows real-time collaboration.Here, visitors and users can meet, share their screens and work together in a virtual space.  As a shared screen thereby enables you to achieve the same result as you would physically when working remotely with colleagues, customers and clients

You can view the desktop screen of the visitor in your screen and instruct them about the troubleshooting process.

How to share screens from your chat window?

  • You can either click on the "Request visitor to share screen" option from More Actions in "My Chats" window.

  • Or the visitor can click on the "Share your screen" option from the three dot icon in the visitor's chat window. This will start your screen sharing session today.

  • Click on "Join now" to start the session.

  • This will take you to the Zoho Assist page where you can send the invitation link to your visitor.
  • Then, the visitor can click on the "invitation link" (eg. https://join.zylker.com/780506265) sent by the user or click on "Share now" from the visitor's chat window.

  • This will take the visitor to the Zoho assist page to download a file.

  • When the download is complete, the visitor should run the Join file.
  • Finally, click on "Join" to start the session.


  1. Here, paid users of both Zoho SalesIQ and Zoho Assist can conduct unlimited sessions.
  2. Trial users and paid users of only Zoho SalesIQ and not of Zoho Assist can conduct a single session per day.
  3. Unfortunately, this feature is not available for the Zoho SalesIQ free version.

And, in case your trial expires, you can visit https://assist.zoho.com to purchase a new plan!

   Now, you can view the visitor's screen and fix any issue at ease. Also,

  • Stop share: This option allows visitors or users to stop sharing screens once they're done with screen sharing session.
  • Chat: Now visitors and users can chat simultaneously during the screen share session.
  • Swap screen: Now with swap screens, you can either view the visitor's page or the visitor can view the user's page.



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