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To help your live chat customer support operation run more smoothly, we give you to power to organize your resources effectively. With the ability to add your team members, and configuring them into one of three roles, you will be able to find the optimal structure for your live chat operation. Administrators have the power to perform any action in your Zoho SalesIQ, access all information and edit any configuration. Supervisors can not make any changes to the Zoho SalesIQ, but they are able to view all the data inside your operation. Associate connect and chat with customers and deliver solutions. You can limit what data they have access to, and they can’t delete or edit any records.

Adding Operators to your Zoho SalesIQ

From the moment you create your Zoho SalesIQ, your live chat operation is staffed with one operator and administrator—you. But as great as you are, we think Zoho SalesIQ becomes infinitely more powerful utilized as a tool for small teams, where everyone can pitch-in and connect with visitors as a part of a total-support culture. That is why we made it easy to add your team members to your Zoho SalesIQ, so they too can connect with customers and get started delivering instant happiness.

To add an Operator to your Zoho SalesIQ:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. In the Operators section, click the "Add" button at the top right to add another operator.
  3. Now that you have reached the add operator page, enter the operator’s Zoho e-mail address in the field to proceed.
  4. Then choose what role you want this particular operator to have:
    • Administrator - can access all the information, edit configurations and has the power to perform any action in Zoho SalesIQ. 
    • Supervisor - has restricted power to perform actions and can access selective information (i.e., they can access the Websites, Automation and Integrations sections in the Settings tab.) 
    • Associate - connect and chat with the website visitors and can access/view only their personal data and chat information in the Zoho SalesIQ console.
  5. Lastly, you can associate the operator with your existing departments. Select the departments you want to relate the operator with.
  6. Click on the "Save" button.

Change the Operator Role

To change the operator role:

  1. Click on the "Settings".
  2. In the "Operators" section, hover over the operator you wish to edit and click on the "pencil icon" to edit. Or click the operators’s name and from their page, click Edit at the top right corner.
  3. Select your required "Role" from the list.
  4. Click on the "Update" to save your changes.

Associate operator to Department

Associate operator to departments:

  1. Click on the "Settings".
  2. In the "Operators" section, click an operator’s name to view his/her details.
  3. Click "Edit" at the top right, to view and edit an operator's details.
  4. Scroll down to the "My Departments" section and choose from your department list which to associate the current operator with. If you don’t see the department you are looking for, you can search for it in the included search box.
  5. Once you have added all the departments you want to associate with a specific operator. Click "Update" to record your settings.

Choosing Operator Language

You can choose your own language, Zoho SalesIQ supports eight languages.

  • French
  • German
  • Turkish
  • Russian
  • Japanese
  • Portuguese
  • Chinese
  • Spanish
  • Danish
  • Greek
  • Hungarian
  • Italian
  • Dutch
  • Polish
  • Swedish
  • Vietnamese
  • Brazilian Portuguese

To Choose operator language:

  1. Click "My profile".
  2. Click the "Edit" button at the top right.
  3. Then choose a language, which you prefer.
  4. If you select the option choose language Zoho SalesIQ will take the browser language as default.

Operator Performance Report

The operator performance section is a robust dashboard that gives you a feel for everything going on throughout your entire Live Customer Support Chat operation. When you enter the Reports module, by clicking My Profile on the left-hand navigation, you will automatically enter the Performance Report dashboard below the main profile. By default the dashboard will be displaying the reports for the current day only. But you are not limited to only viewing reports for Today only, and it is easy to change the range you run any report. 

  1. Click "Settings".
  2. In the profile page, scroll down and click "Performance Report" to display the report.
  3. Change the input data for the reports by clicking the two drop-down menus, one for department filtering, and the other for choosing the time period for the report.
  4. The reports will load automatically.

By default the agent performance report displays the operator’s activity across all departments and for the current day but you can manipulate the input source, either by specifying a particular department, or choosing a different time frame like Yesterday, This Week, Last Week, This month or Last month.

Internal Operator Chat History

You can view the internal chat history, which you had between your operators. 

  1. Click "My profile".
  2. Click "Internal Chat history".
  3. Then a click on the chat to view the transcript which you prefer, will be displayed in the right side.

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