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Learn how to set up bots that work all day, and automate your workflow, to increase visitor interaction and thus lead conversion.

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Zoho SalesIQ Resources

  • API Guides

    Learn more about JavaScript APIs to customize your chat window and explore new possibilities with SalesIQ REST APIs.

    JavaScript APIs  |   Rest API v1   |       Rest API v2 

  • Mobile SDK

    With SalesIQ Mobile SDK, you can implement the chat widget into your mobile app and connect with the visitors instantly. 

  • Platforms Reference Guide

    Build your Zobot assistant in the platform you are comfortable with. Learn how to use Deluge, Dialogflow and Zia platforms in SalesIQ. 

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  • Community

    Discuss, participate and view tips and tricks, and get involved in shaping the future of Zoho SalesIQ.

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  • Zobot Code Samples

    A list of code samples to help you get started with building Zobots on Zoho SalesIQ Platform.

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  • Help Videos

    View our help videos and learn how to use, configure and customize Zobot, APIs and Mobile SDKs in SalesIQ!

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