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1. Can I move tasks between projects?

No. You cannot move tasks between projects, but it can be moved across tasklists. However, you can Move Tasklists between projects.

2. How can I forward emails and attachments to tasks?

When you open a task, you will see the Task Mail Address at the bottom. Copy the address and use it to forward emails and attachments to tasks. Learn More.

3. Is it possible to assign material and labour costs (hours) to tasks within a project?

No. You cannot assign material costs and labor costs (hours) for the tasks within a project.

4. How can I import the tasks from an MPP file format?

Using the Import MPP option, you can import files. For this, you need to click the Projects tab in Home and select the Import MPP option. Learn More.

5. Do I have the privilege to delete tasks?

Yes. You can delete tasks if you are the Portal Owner, Admin or a Manager and task owner

6. Is it possible to share a tasklist to my clients that is not associated to any milestone?

Yes, you can flag a tasklist as external and share it with your clients. Learn More.

7. Can I try the subtasks feature without paying?

Sub-Task feature is supported only in the Premium and Enterprise plan. If your Zoho Projects account is in the Free plan, you cannot find the sub-tasks feature. However, we can activate either of the paid editions for a 10-day trial. If you would like to avail the sub-tasks feature, all you need to do is to drop a mail to support@zohoprojects.com.

8. How can I convert a task to a subtask and vice-versa?

Conversion of a task to subtask and vice-versa becomes easy now.  Run a quick read through on our user guide. For easy understanding, have a look at the video. 

9. How to reorder tasklist?

When you have a list of tasklists and you want to set the priority for accomplishing each of them, then you can reorder the tasklists according to your preference. Learn more.

10. How do I associate an existing tasklist to a milestone?

  1. Click the requisite tasklist and select the Other Actions icon.
  2. Select the Edit Tasklist and choose the milestone from the Related Milestone drop down. 

11.What is the difference between project template and task template?

  • Project template, lets you create a sample template for the project, where you can add tasklist, tasks etc. When creating a new project, you can just choose the project template. This helps you save time and effort. Learn more.
  • Task templates, lets you save your tasklists and its associated tasks. When creating new projects, you can reuse them and save your time and effort. Learn more.

12. Is it possible to add or assign client users to internal tasks?

No, it is not possible to add or assign client users to internal tasks. But, clients users will be exposed to the internal tasks in the following cases:

  • When you add a client user to a task in the External tasklist and to change the tasklist type to Internal, the client user will not be affected.

  • When you move a task assigned to a client user from an External tasklist to an Internal tasklist, the client user will not be affected.

Note: When you add a task after the tasklists are changed from External to Internal you certainly cannot add a client user.

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