1. Is document management part of free plan ?

Yes. Document Management is available as part of our free plan. Now you can browse and attach files from Zoho Docs and Google Docs.

Note: In addition, you can also take a quick look at the demo video of Document Sharing module.

2. Can I have more disk space for an existing plan if it exceeds the allocated limit?

No. If your disk space exceeds the allocated limit for an existing plan, then you may need to upgrade to a higher plan to get more disk space.

For more details see Plans and Pricing

3. What file types are supported in Zoho Projects?

You can upload any file type like .doc, .xls, .xlsx, .docx .pdf, .pps, .ppt, .avi, .jpeg, .wmv, *.zip, *.mpeg, *.bmp and more.

4. How can I import my files from Google Docs into Zoho Projects?

To import documents from Google Docs :

  1. Click Upload New File option
  2. Select Browse using Google Docs
  3. Provide your Google login credentials to access your files from Google Docs
  4. Select the files and upload them into Zoho Projects

5. What will happen If I tried to upload a different filename?

If you upload a file with a different name or file type a warning message Filename mismatch gets displayed.

6. Do you include support for sub-folders in Zoho Projects?

Currently, we do not support sub-folders for organizing your files. We might include this option in one of our future updates.

7. How to change the project owner?

To change the project owner :

8. Can a project have more than one Project Owner?

At this moment, only one project member can be the Project Owner.

9. How to assign a project owner who is not in the project?

At this moment, it's not possible to assign users - who are not added to the project as a project owner.

10. I want to use documents stored in Google Docs - do they get copied to Zoho space?

When you use documents in Google Docs, the file gets copied over to the Zoho space where further modification can be carried out. Changes done for the files in Zoho Projects does not update with the one in Google Docs.

11. A project user updates tasks and they are not showing in the feeds for the clients. Why?

With the current design, the activities done by the project users will not be visible for the client users in the Latest Activities section. Client users will be able to see the activities that are carried out by them..