Zoho Billing - Microsoft 365 Integration

Several organizations use Microsoft 365 to run their day-to-day operations. Importing your contacts and employee information into Zoho Billing from Microsoft 365 is quick and easy.

With Zoho Billing - Microsoft 365 integration, you can :

In this document you will be learning about

Requirements to set up the integration

Integrating Microsoft 365 with Zoho Billing account

To associate your Microsoft 365 account with Zoho Billing,

Inviting users from Microsoft 365

Once your Organization is created in Zoho Billing with Microsoft 365, you can directly invite employees in Microsoft 365 to Zoho Billing.

To invite users from Microsoft 365:

Invite User Select Users

Importing contacts from Microsoft 365

With Zoho Billing - Microsoft 365 integration, you can import all your contacts from Microsoft People in one go.

To import contacts from your Microsoft account,

Select Customers Import Customers

This action will import all the selected contacts from your Microsoft account into Zoho Billing.

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