Retainer Invoices

The Retainer Invoices module in Zoho Billing is used to record the advance payments made by your customers. 

Understanding Retainer Invoices

Let’s take a look at one of the use cases where you can use a retainer invoice.

Scenario: Peter is a tailor and offers stitching services. When he receives an order to stitch dresses, he expects the customer to pay some amount of the actual price as an advance so that he can start working. When he delivers the dress, he deducts this advance payment from the actual amount and receives only the balance due amount.

Enabling Retainer invoices

Before you start using the Retainer Invoice module, you need to enable it from the Preferences. To do so, click the gear icon on the top right corner and go to Preferences > General > Retainer Invoices.

Enable Retainer invoices

Create Retainer Invoices

This section will help you in understanding how you can enable, create and send retainer invoices to your customers in Zoho Billing.

Collecting Retainer Payments

Checkout the various ways by which you can collect payments for the retainer invoices you raise.

Applying a Retainer to Invoice

After the product is delivered or service is rendered, apply the retainer invoice to the final invoice before sending them to the customer. You can also split up and apply the retainer amount to multiple invoices or apply multiple retainer amounts to a single invoice.

Creating Retainers from Estimates

You can collect retainer or advance payment from your customers from the estimate you send them using Customer Portal.

Retainer Invoice for Projects

Create retainer invoices and apply them to invoices directly from the projects module in Zoho Billing.

Retainer Invoice Preferences

Configure your retainer invoice preferences here.

Manage Retainer Invoices

Let’s see how we can manage the listing of Retainer Invoices.

More with Retainer Invoices

More actions on retainer invoices.


Generate and view reports for all the retainer transactions and refunds.

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