Easy Meeting from your website

Integrate online meeting in your website and reach more audience quickly. Just copy and paste a code snippet in your website and deliver a mass presentation to your large audience. Launch your online meeting from your website and ease your customers join directly from your website.

Want to know how this works out? Here's our live web meeting embedded in one of our site, just go for a test drive. Join as a Participant in the embedded online meeting and view one of our office desktop which is set up as a Presenter.

What do you get?

Business Scenario

Sales & Marketing

Sales Executives can provide product demo to many customers living in different cities at the same time. Deliver product demos or presentation from your own website just by embedding online meeting in your site. This makes it more easy, safe and comfortable from your customers' perspective with focus of attention and branding on your service.

Internal Corporate Meeting

Many a times the company policies and procedures will be modified based on the present situations and there will be a need to update all the Employees with the new outcomes. Company Executives can give away the training for the new policies and procedures easily from your own website just by embedding the online meeting.

Online Training

Conduct online training to a mass group of students at the same time from your website. Just ease the students from joining your session from your own website rather than sending them invitation to join the training session