A Quick Start Guide to Zoho Marketplace

Learn to plan, build, market, and sell applications on Zoho Marketplace.

Zoho Developer console

The Zoho Developer console is a developer platform that allows you to create ready-to-deploy cloud applications in the Zoho console, using drag-and-drop tools.

Access Developer Console

What applications can you build with the Zoho Developer console?


Enhance the capabilities of existing Zoho products by integrating them with third-party applications to address different business needs.

Build an Extension
Custom applications

Use Zoho Creator as a platform to develop independent business applications that are tailored to fit only specific required business needs, without any other unnecessary functions.

Build a Custom Application
Industry solutions

Use the prebuilt components and automation techniques in Zoho CRM to develop highly customized CRM systems to meet the needs of a specific industry, with all the relevant industry language.

Build an Industry Solution

Zoho Developer resources

For every stage of the development process, there are free Zoho Developer resources to help you. Learn how to leverage various features of the Zoho Developer console to build your application. Our free documentation, courses, and ebooks will help you understand every aspect of extensions, custom apps, industry solutions, Deluge scripting, and Zoho Marketplace.

Access Zoho Developer Resources

Rest APIs to build extensions

You can also choose to use our Rest APIs and your choice of programming language and infrastructure to create extensions that connect Zoho with third-party applications.

Get Rest APIs here