Zoho Developer Console

Zoho Developer Console

Constant development is needed to keep a business running smoothly and up to date with the latest technology. At Zoho, we always strive to provide the best platform with updated features for our entrepreneurs and developers to achieve their business goals in an easy and efficient manner. 

The Zoho Developer Console is a developer platform that provides a pathway for developers to create ready-to-deploy cloud applications in the Zoho console. These applications can be submitted to the Marketplace where they will be visible to a wide customer base.

The Zoho Developer Console lets you quickly build enterprise-level applications with drag-and-drop tools. There are different types of applications that can be created according to the developer's need and later submitted to Marketplace:

  1. Extensions
  2. Custom applications
  3. Industry solutions
  4. Rest APIs


Extensions are built to enhance the features of existing Zoho products or integrate a third-party application with Zoho software for various enterprise needs.

Installing an extension is as simple as surfing through our marketplace for the right extension, clicking to install and thereby integrating it with your Zoho product to fit your business needs.

As a result, all the necessary information is available in a single space, removing the need to switch between multiple windows or multiple applications.

Custom Applications

Custom applications are software solutions that allow you to run an independent business application by customizing only the required business features using Zoho Creator as a platform. 

Custom applications allow you to design apps to efficiently run your business entirely from scratch. Unlike unified software, where some functions might be unused because they are not relevant to your business processes, custom software is exactly tailored to fit your business, with no unnecessary functions present.

Industry Solutions

Industry solutions are vertical CRMs tailored to handle any additional industry-specific needs using Zoho CRM as a base platform. Most industries require workflows or modules that are specific to the industry in addition to the existing built-in processes to support better customer relationship management. These apps cater to the in-depth details of a particular industry and provide the best solutions to fit that industry's needs.  

The prebuilt components and automation techniques in Zoho CRM serve as a base for the customer to customize their own CRM solution. The hospital management industry is a good example where a few modules like Patient Medication History, Treatments Due, and Appointment Logs can be added to the base CRM modules to tailor the CRM to the industry and make the CRM processes more efficient.  

Rest APIs

Rest APIs enable you to connect Zoho services with your own applications, which you can build using your own programming language and infrastructure.

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