A Quick Start Guide to Zoho Marketplace

Learn to plan, build, market, and sell applications on Zoho Marketplace.

Activities to do after your application is listed

Once your application is launched on Zoho Marketplace, it is available for Zoho users to install and start using your application.

We offer the Launchpad Program to all technology partners and ISVs who have recently launched a Zoho Marketplace extension or custom app. This program encompasses a set of free co-marketing activities that you can take advantage of to smoothly kick off your GTM plans. You can register for the Launchpad Program by completing this form.

Launchpad marketing activity Guidelines
Featured App or Featured Demo on Marketplace

Drive immediate visibility and traffic for your listing by showcasing your extension on the top row on Zoho Marketplace.

Requirement: To be eligible for Featured App promotion, your website must have a landing page for the integration. For Featured Demo, your listing must also have an integration video.

Note: This inventory option is exclusively offered to integrations built using either the Sigma or PhoneBridge platform.

Newsletter mention

Amplify product discovery by showcasing your app in our monthly newsletter

Requirement: To be eligible for the Newsletter mention, your website must have a landing page for the integration.

Check out our newsletter archives.

Note: This inventory option is exclusively offered to integrations built using either the Sigma or PhoneBridge platform.

Opportunity for Guest blogging

Guest blogs are a great way to reach our audience, build awareness, and spark social conversations. Read our guest blogging guidelines. You may submit as many guest blogs as you want.

Discuss key outcomes a customer can expect, or the value they get from using your app. It's good to show both quantitative and qualitative benefits.

You can find examples of our guest blogs here.

App Spotlight

Reach our users and communicate your value proposition to the right audience in our user community. Use this template to create the content. Once done, simply email it back to us.

You can find examples of App Spotlight posts here.

Requirement: To be eligible for this activity, your website must have a landing page for the integration.

Note: This inventory option is exclusively offered to integrations built using either the Sigma or PhoneBridge platform.


Create a blog of 5 useful tips, and drive awareness with this highly shareable asset. The purpose is to show your audience the value of your integration, and how it can simplify and improve their work.

You can find examples of ProTips posts here.

Ask an Expert

Build product awareness and your category/industry leadership with this Q&A type blog series.

You can find examples of Ask an Expert posts here.

Social media posts

Submit any relevant news, information, or content you would like shared organically from our channels.

Kick off your GTM activities by completing this form.

Note: Inclusion in the above activities is based on the discretion of our team.

To win and retain customers, maximize your marketing through a series of communications to build awareness and drive adoption of your application on Zoho Marketplace.

Marketplace listing optimization
Landing page

To increase exposure and usage of your listing, create a dedicated landing page to build a web presence.

  • Explain the value of your app to your users
  • Explain how the app should be used, include screenshots and videos
  • Add a CTA button linking to your Marketplace listing.

Examples of partner landing pages that we loved

PhoneBurner for Zoho CRM

Pics.io integration with Zoho CRM


Create email campaigns to drive adoption of your listing. Existing customers are a starting point. Know your audience, who they are, and how you will target them with the right message.

Customer sales collateral

Add a slide about your Zoho Marketplace app on your sales deck. Add your listing on flyers and brochures to support your sales and marketing activities at events.


Communicate the value of your app to your audience. Use your blog to:

  • Introduce your app and how to use it. Include logos, screenshots, quotes, URLs, and information pertinent to promoting your app
  • Communicate the value proposition for your users including use cases, scenarios, and customer stories
  • Create a series of blogs that discuss customer pain points, customer challenges, implications of those challenges, and how your app solves those challenges
Social media activities

Leverage your social channels to extend the reach of your marketing efforts. Include in your post:

  • @zoho and @zohomarketplace for us to retweet/share your post to amplify its reach
  • Add a link to the app, website, or blog

Create help/support docs, send in-product messages, host webinars

Announcement banner on homepage

You may want to announce the launch of your app on Marketplace via an announcement banner on your homepage. It is also a good idea to make the integration landing page navigable from your homepage. Mention the listing on your homepage—if nowhere else, on the homepage footer.

Press release

We provide review support for press releases and address requests for quotes from a Zoho spokesperson based on how the integration aligns with our current marketing plan and its significance to customers. To request a quote from our spokesperson, please drop an email to isv-partners@zohocorp.com.

Please note that Zoho does not publish partner press releases, and all press releases and quotes must be reviewed by Zoho representatives. Make sure to submit your press release for review at least 15 days before the release date.

Branding guidelines and logos

Ensure your posting follows Zoho's branding guidelines.

Zoho branding guidelines

Zoho product logos and usage guidelines

Best practices

Your target audience is online—but not all of them are together in one place. Some are on social media, some engage with us on our community pages, some prefer reading blogs, and some just prefer to get their information over emails. So, we recommend you use a combination of marketing activities for a wider reach.