A Quick Start Guide to Zoho Marketplace

Learn to plan, build, market, and sell applications on Zoho Marketplace.

Build a custom application

You can use Zoho Creator as a platform to develop independent business applications that are tailored to fit the business needs you're focusing on, without any other unnecessary functions.

Components of Zoho Creator for building custom apps:

  • Forms: Data can be collected when a user enters it in the fields.
  • Reports: Data collected from the forms is stored as reports to give further insight. You can also create multiple reports from a single form.
  • Pages: Data collected from the forms can be visually represented in a single page.
  • Workflows: A set of rules that are triggered by a specific event and executed accordingly, automatically performing a set action.
  • Deluge Scripts: The scripting language of Zoho Creator with drag-and-drop code snippets to simplify programming.

Ways to build a custom app

You can choose to develop a custom application using Zoho Creator in any of the following ways:

  • Create a custom app from scratch using Zoho Creator's components.
  • Use an existing application template in Zoho Creator and customize it to fit your needs by adding or changing components.
  • Import a file from local storage, a URL, or a cloud service to create an application.
Build a Custom App Using Zoho Creator

Read through our help documentation for more information on creating a custom application using Zoho Creator.