A Quick Start Guide to Zoho Marketplace

Learn to plan, build, market, and sell applications on Zoho Marketplace.

Create a company profile

The first step to building and listing an application is to sign up and create a company profile on Zoho Marketplace. The applications you develop can only be submitted or published in Marketplace once you create a company profile.

Why create a company profile?

  • To give you visibility, your company profile will be displayed on the listing page of your application on Marketplace.
  • To get access to news and updates about developer-focused events associated with Zoho Marketplace.
  • To allow us to filter applications by vendor and identify verified partners.

Steps to create a company profile

  • Visit the Zoho Marketplace home page and sign up.
  • Click on the Profile icon on the home page and choose the Partner Console option.
  • Select Company profile on the left panel.
  • Enter the necessary details in each tab and click Next to navigate to the next tab. CompanyProfNew
  • Click the Finish button once you have filled in all the particulars.
  • Preview the draft of your company profile and use the Edit option to make changes if necessary. CompanyProfNew
  • To add details of the people involved in the creation of the application, go to the People > Company Profile > Add New and enter their roles and email addresses. NewPeople