A Quick Start Guide to Zoho Marketplace

Learn to plan, build, market, and sell applications on Zoho Marketplace.

An introduction to Zoho Marketplace

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  • What is Zoho Marketplace?
  • Why list your application on Zoho Marketplace?
  • How do we set you up for success?
  • What are the steps to list an application on Zoho Marketplace?
  • What applications can you build?
  • Meet our technology partners
  • What success looks like

What is Zoho Marketplace?

Zoho Marketplace is an online store where users can browse and discover extensions for Zoho products, custom applications, and even industry solutions. With 2,000+ extensions, an annual traffic of 1.35 million, and 30,000+ average monthly installations, Zoho Marketplace is the perfect platform to showcase your application, increase adoption, and provide a better customer experience.

Why list your application on Zoho Marketplace?

  • Expand your global footprint: Get your app in front of 60+ million Zoho users from 180+ countries
  • Penetrate new markets and segments by accessing our global customer base
  • Generate new revenue streams
  • Provide better customer experience
  • Build expertise in specific business functions, product areas, and industries
  • Drive visibility to your app with our marketing resources and generate leads through co-marketing
  • Leverage sponsorship opportunities at Zoho events to connect with potential customers and grow your business

How do we set you up for success?

  • We empower you

    Choose and build apps or integrations to cater to the needs of Zoho users.

  • We equip you

    Leverage our Zoho Developer platform, Zoho Creator platform, and other development resources to build your extension.

  • We work along with you

    Offering friction-free user experiences is important. We review your app to ensure that it functions seamlessly.

What are the steps to list an application on Zoho Marketplace?

  • Become a partner

    Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) or System Integrators (SIs) must sign up on Zoho Marketplace and create a company profile to start building their app.

    Sign up
  • Build and list your application

    Decide what app you want to build and use the developer resources and tools available to create it. Submit your app for review and list it on Marketplace.

    Start building
  • Market and sell

    Once listed on Marketplace, your app will be available to all our users. Access our tips, guides, and tools to go to market faster and gain new customers.

    Start marketing

What applications can you build?

  • Extensions

    Integrate third-party applications with Zoho to break data silos, optimize workflows, and improve ROI.

  • Custom applications

    Solve unique business needs by addressing specific use cases.

  • Industry solutions

    Develop highly customized CRM systems to meet the needs of a specific industry with all the industry language.

Meet our technology partners

What success looks like

  • "Zoho Marketplace has given us the opportunity to create better-productized solutions and solve problems on a scalable platform."

    John-Mark Bantock

    CEO, Catalyst Group

  • "Zoho Marketplace is a great platform to assist your customers with feature-rich extensions that help them scale up their business needs. As well, it does help business owners to reach the pinnacle of success when it comes to acquiring new customers. We had an outstanding experience with the whole marketplace ecosystem, from development to deployment"

    Amit Kumar

    Founder, EasytoCheck Software Solutions

  • "Zoho Marketplace is a perfect stage for Zoho Partners looking for a way to increase visibility to their Zoho practice by allowing them to offer premium add-ons that showcase their expertise in all things Zoho."

    James Converse

    CEO, ZBrains

  • "Zoho Marketplace is a great place to show off our CRM skill set. It is a great place to service worldwide Zoho customers on various plugins and extensions so they don't have to build it themselves, saving them time and money."

    Ash Ibrahim

    Director, Oscillosoft

  • "The Zoho Marketplace team has been extremely helpful, teaching me how to structure Deluge script for extensions, promptly addressing bug reports, and promoting my extension. They set up a Cliq channel for me where I can quickly get my questions answered. I couldn't have done it without their support."

    Jeremy Nagel

    Head Ninja, Nuanced IT

  • "Our experience with working with Zoho Marketplace from a communication standpoint is amazing!"

    Venkatesh Babu

    Founder and CEO, Tiara