About Marketplace

About Marketplace

Enormous growth in technology has led to new developments in the business industry that optimize the work of customers. Zoho's Marketplace is an online store that offers a huge number of applications that optimize business management processes and workflows by serving as a bridge between providers and consumers. 

Marketplace also serves as a platform for people who build extensions, custom business solutions, or vertical CRM solutions using Zoho products as a base platform. 

As an end user, you can browse through Marketplace and install applications that will help broaden your business. Marketplace contains extensions that integrate with different Zoho products, expanding your product capabilities. It also allows you to view and edit profile preferences, check the solutions you are subscribed to, and provide a testimonial about your experience with Marketplace. 

Similarly, as a developer, you can use the facilities to build solutions using Zoho products. You can also sign up with us as a partner through the Partner Console and list your solution in the Marketplace. This allows you to benefit from marketing through the Marketplace and also monetize your extension.

Acting as a perfect marketing channel, any application listed in Marketplace is immediately available to over 50 million plus users. Our customers use Zoho products and can create enhancements for them using the platform supported by Zoho and list those enhancements in Marketplace for other customers to use. Marketplace plays a significant role in Zoho's ecosystem, helping keep Zoho products, customers, and developers intertwined with shared visions and a shared success metric.

Explore the features Marketplace has to offer in the rest of this guide.

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