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Listing Extensions in the Marketplace

  1. Log in to your account in Zoho Marketplace. If you're a new user, sign- up for Zoho Marketplace. 
  2. Click Submit Extension throughPartner console.
  3. Select the type of entity ( extensions, components or industrial solutions) you want to publish in the Marketplace.
  4. Complete the Extension Description page.

Extension name

Name the extension.


Choose a category for your extension (i.e., Sales, Marketing)

Extension Tagline

Briefly describe what your extension does (Max 100 characters).

Short Description

Give an overview of the extension's functionality (300 characters).

Extension Details

Highlight the key features of your extension.

How it works

Provide an abstract workflow of the extension


Sum up the entire extension in two lines or less.

Help documentation

Provide a link to the help documentation for your extension.

Banner images

The banner image will act as the thumbnail in Marketplace homepage (740px x 340 px).


Size 80x80px


Include 4 screenshots.


List the version of the extension

Key Features

 Four features that highlight your extension/integration.

FAQ and resources 

The link to help documentation, FAQ, and user education material. 

Website/Install URL

Link for users to install your extension.

Here's an extension with all the entities marked

Tip: Check out other extensions under Zoho CRM category in the Marketplace if you need help with your description

Zoho Marketplace

Click the Submit button. 

Once your extension is approved, you'll get an approval email from Zoho and your extension will be listed in the Zoho Marketplace.

Your extension will undergo two types of review during the approval process:

  • We'll perform a technical review to test the functionality of your extension and make sure it is free of bugs.
  • We'll review your extension description to make sure it's clear and is free of grammar/spelling mistakes.

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