Review Guidelines

Review Guidelines

Once you have submitted your extension, it will be extensively reviewed to ensure that the customer receives a great product. So, we have a set of basic guidelines that have to be fulfilled, to be a part of the marketplace.

All extensions must fulfil these guidelines and criteria before being listed in our Marketplace:

  1. Your extension must work exactly as described.
  2. Proper help documentation must be provided to guide the user through the installation, set up, and use of your extension. Help documentation can be any form of content: text, video, slide decks, etc. and is hosted by you.
  3. Your extension must not degrade the performance of the system on which it is installed.
  4. Your listing must not contain advertising for any apps, products, or services.
  5. The extension must not illegally access or transfer data from the CRM account it is installed in. All data transfers during and after installation must be explicitly mentioned in the description and may only occur with the user’s authorization.
  6. If the extension allows integration with a third-party service that requires a separate account (whether free or paid), this must be clearly outlined on the extension details page.

Security guidelines:

We here at Zoho strongly believe in information security and expect all our partners to build extension adhering to all web security measures and compliances.

Please do make sure that the extensions built by you are compliant with the OWASP protocol.

Please refer to the OWASP guidelines and build your extensions. 

Following these guidelines will help ensure that your extension passes the review and approval process.

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