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You can use the tools and resources we provide to develop extensions for a variety of business needs. After building one, you can either use it for your internal use or publish it in our Marketplace.

When you publish your extension in the Marketplace, you expose it to 30 million+ Zoho users. Users can then install extensions and use them to expand the capabilities of their Zoho business app.

Zoho Developer Console

Zoho Developer Console was designed to help developers create ready-to-deploy cloud applications on Zoho's console. Unlike conventional cloud consoles, the Zoho Developer Console lets you quickly build enterprise level applications with drag-and-drop tools.

Build any of these using our resources:

1. Extensions: Expand Zoho's features by creating powerful extensions, Integrate with third-party applications. design intelligent workflows and sell them in Zoho Marketplace.

2. CRM for Industries: Build industry-specific CRM solutions, under your own brand for your own price, powered by Zoho CRM.

3. Custom Applications: Create custom applications to streamline any business process. Every app you create works with any Zoho service.

4. Rest APIs: Connect Zoho services with your own applications, using your own programming language and infrastructure.


Have a pre-built extension?

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