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Zoho Marketplace is an online store where users can find and install extensions that enhance the core functionality of their Zoho product.

Watch this video and get acquainted with Zoho Marketplace.


Extensions provide:

  • Feature enhancements: Upon installing certain extensions, your Zoho product becomes ready to do more. These extensions may help you view your sales pipeline better, give scores and filter your leads, alert you when a deal is idle etc
  • Third party integrations: The cloud is a highly fragmented space and your business may have to use multiple softwares to deal with various processes. Using the integrations in the marketplace, you can integrate your Zoho app with other applications and avoid the hassle of having to switch between multiple tabs and windows. Avoid information silos and manage data better using these extensions.
  • Unique plugins that solve unique business use cases and enhance the efficiency of your work.

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