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Managing Folders

 How can I sort my folders?

You can sort your folders by alphabetical order or by the order of your preference. The option to choose the preferred method is available in the Folder Settings. Learn more about folder sort options.

 How can I rename my folders?

You can double click on the folder name to rename it or you can right click on the folder and choose rename.

 My Outbox shows a number. What does that mean?

Sometimes the messages scheduled to send may remain unsent due to some errors. In such case, the Outbox will display the error messages with a red warning icon.To send them, open the Outbox, select those messages and click Send Immediately. If the error was a temporary error, the messages will be sent upon 'Resend'.

 Spam messages appear in my Inbox.

Select the messages that are ‘Spam’ and select Mark as spam to mark a bulk of email as spam. To mark a single message as Spam, click the Spam icon across the list.If you find that you receive spam consistently from a particular email address, add them to your blacklist from the Spam settings page. Learn more.

 Some authentic messages appear in my spam.

The sender may be using a different IP address to send email, other than the permitted range for his domain. Even in such a case, the message might land in spam, when you find authentic messages landing in spam, add the sender or the domain to your whitelist in the Spam settings page.Learn more.

Labeling Messages

 How to change the color of the labels?

To change the color of the labels click on the small rectangle next to the label name. A color palette opens, from which you can choose the desired color.

 How to sort the labels?

To sort, you can drag and drop the labels to the desired order.

 How should I change the label display settings in the Mail listing?

In the Mail listing tab, you can choose to display the name of the label or just the small colored icon indicating the label applied to the mail. To set this, choose ‘Display Label Name’ or ‘Display only icon’ for the Label Display behavior in the Layout Settings.Learn more.

Sorting Messages

 How do I sort my messages based on Size?

By default, the mail is sorted in the order of Date. Click on the column headers Size to sort the message list in that order. The small black triangle next to the sort parameter indicates the Ascending/ Descending order of sorting.

Applying Auto Filters

 My filters don’t seem to work? How do I make it work?

Check if the filters are all enabled. If all filters are enabled, check the order of filters. Order of the filters is very important for the filters to work the way you want.

 What is filter order? Why is it important?

When you have set multiple filters set, the filters are executed in the order they are placed. When a message satisfies the conditions of a particular filter, the rest of the filters are skipped. Hence the order of the filters is important for them to work properly.

 I have created a filter. How to use it on the existing email messages in my Inbox?

You can apply any filter on the existing messages in the Mailbox also. Select the filters and click Run Through filters in the settings page. You will be prompted to specify the folder on which you want to apply the filter. To apply filters on multiple folders, repeat the ‘Run through filters’ with different folders. Learn more about filters.

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