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Change Mailbox Appearance

 How can I increase the number of messages per page in the mail listing pane?

You can change the number of messages in the listing pane to 20, 50 or 100 depending on your choice. You can modify this settings in the Layout options of the Settings page. Learn more.

 How can I view only unread mails by default?

In the Layout options, choose 'By default show my unread messages'. You can view all messages by choosing ‘View All’ in the toolbar. Learn more.

 How can I set my preferences to view only the Subject of the message in the listing?

You can choose to View only subject or View with Summary in the Settings. Learn more.

 I always want to open a mail in tab or new window. How do I make it as default behavior?

You can choose the default Mail open behavior in Settings page. You can choose between Preview, tab or New window. Learn more.

 How do I change the display font?

You can change the display font for the Mail Page by choosing your preferred font in the Settings page. Learn more.

 I want to use Keyboard shortcuts. Are keyboard shortcuts available in Zoho mail?

Keyboard shortcuts are available for Key Savvy users like you. You can turn on the Keyboard shortcuts from the settings page. Check out the available Keyboard shortcuts from the Product Links. Learn more.


 Are there themes available for display?

Add more color to your Mail page by applying themes. There are some 5 themes available for changing the look and feel of your Mail page. Learn more.

Composer Settings

 I want to open the compose editor in new window each time. How do I do that?

You can set the default behavior of opening compose editor in Settings page. You can set to open in new window or new tab. Learn more.

 I want to choose a fixed format for my outgoing mails. Can I specify the settings?

You can set a default behavior for your Outgoing mails by specifying the Font family in the Composer settings. Learn more.

 How can I set the default encoding?

You can set the default encoding for your Outgoing mails in the Settings page. Encoding can be set based on the language in which you are composing the message. Learn more.

 I want to set up the default Reply to Email as a different Email address. Is it possible to do that?

You can set a different default ‘Reply to’ email address for your Outgoing email. Specify the email address in ‘Reply to’ in the Compose options of the Settings page. Learn more.

 What is Outbox?

Outbox is a very useful feature in Zoho Mail, by which you can hold your email for a predefined duration of time in minutes, before you actually send out the email. This gives you a safe buffer in which you can make some minor changes to the mail you just sent. Learn more.

 How do I enable Outbox?

You can enable Outbox from the ‘Composer’ page from the Mail Settings section. Learn more.

 How do I skip Outbox, when I have enabled it?

You can press the button ‘Send Immediately’ to skip the Outbox, if configured. Learn more.

Apply Signatures

 Can I use richly Formatted Signatures?

You can add richly formatted signatures to your outgoing emails and associate different signatures with different ‘From’ addresses. The option to insert ‘Signatures’ is in the ‘Signatures’ section of the Mail Settings page. Learn more.

 Can I insert images in my signature?

You can insert images in the format GIF/ JPEG/ PNG, from your desktop or from a website URL in your Signatures. Learn more.

 How do I insert my company/ business logo in my signature?

You can have your Company Logo as GIF/ JPEG/ PNG images and insert them in your Signatures. Learn more.

 How to insert formatted hyperlink pointing to a URL in my signature?

Highlight the text/ image you want as hyperlink and click Insert Link icon. Specify the URL and the Tool tip and click OK. Once you save, the hyperlink will be available in the Signature of your Outgoing emails. Learn more.

Configure Vacation-Response

 What is Vacation-Response?

Vacation-Response is the automated email response that is being sent to someone instantaneously as their email reaches your mailbox. You can define the recipients, period during which the vacation response should be active, the interval between subsequent vacation replies sent to the same contact. Learn more.

 What is meant by Auto response interval?

Auto response Interval refers to the interval in no of days between two subsequent auto responses that can be sent to the same person. When the same person emails you multiple times during the vacation period, this Auto response interval is the duration in days, after which he will receive the second 'Vacation Reply' after the first 'Vacation Reply' he may have got. Learn more.

Adding Custom ‘From’ Address

 What is a custom From Address?

You can add your other email addresses as ‘Custom’ From Address in the Send Mail As section to enable sending emails from Zoho. You can either use Zoho SMTP or choose the custom SMTP option to send emails.
In case you have hosted your domain with Zoho, custom From Address also have the list of other email aliases given to you by your Organization Administrator and the Group Email Address, which you are a member of and allowed to send email using that. Learn more.

 Will the recipients receive a ‘On behalf of’ tag in the mail?

Some Mail clients display ‘On behalf of’ when you send emails using external From Address, with Zoho Smtp server. However, you can choose custom SMTP to send email through the SMTP server of your domain. In this case, the ‘On behalf of’ will not be displayed. Learn more.

When you use your alias email address, when your domain is hosted with Zoho, there will not be an 'On behalf of' tag when sending emails. The same applies to using the Group email addresses in 'From' address.

  I have added the Email Account for Custom From. But still I cannot locate it in the drop down box in the Compose Editor. Why?

The ‘From’ address you have added will appear only after you have verified it. When you add an email address to send email, you will receive a confirmation email with a verification code. You will be able to use the added email address only after the verification process. Learn more.

 Can I make any ‘Custom from Address’ as default for all my outgoing mails?

You can choose any custom ‘From’ address as default for your Outgoing emails. You can choose it to be account specific, if you have multiple POP accounts. You have an option to change the From address for the email you are drafting in the Composer. Learn more.

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