Deployment cases for solopreneurs

Pick the plan that best suits your requirements

  • Choose the Zoho Mail plan that works best for your business from the range of available options.  

Verify your domain and add the MX records to ensure email delivery

  • Verify ownership of your domain using one of the suggested methods. 
  • Create the user account in your organization.
  • Add the Zoho Mail-specific MX records to ensure that emails are delivered to you correctly. 
  • Complete the rest of the setup process. 

Migrate data from your previous email account

  • Move the email data from your old email account by exporting it from your old account and then importing it to Zoho Mail. 
  • Export contacts, calendar data, etc. and import it to your Zoho Mail account. 

Configure additional email addresses as aliases

  • Add any extra email addresses such as, as aliases to your existing email address. 

Set up a signature and a vacation reply for your account

  • Configure digital signatures and assign them to the relevant email addresses. 
  • Add a vacation reply to autorespond when you are away from work. 

Organize your mailbox according to your preference

  • Create custom folders to organize your emails. 
  • Set up filters to process and categorize your emails automatically. 
  • Apply tags and flags for better identification of emails. 
  • Use the email search to locate the emails you need. 

Enhance your email experience with Zoho Mail