Zoho Billing - WordPress Integration (WordPress Plugin)

This integration, which is in the form of a WordPress plugin, allows you to easily embed your hosted payment pages in your WordPress site, and offer your visitors a seamless signup/checkout experience.

Set up the Integration

To integrate your organization with WordPress, you must first install the Zoho Billing plugin from WordPress’ site and activate it. Here’s how:

Now the plugin has been activated and you can connect it to your Zoho Billing organization. To do this:

Insight: You can find your domain and the Connector Key by going to Zoho Subscriptions > Settings > Integrations > Other Apps > WordPress Integration.

Now, the setup has been completed and you can start embedding your hosted payment pages on WordPress.

Embed Hosted Payment Pages

You can embed your hosted payment pages by including the following shortcode while drafting (or editing) a page/post in WordPress:

[zs plan_code=”Basic”]

Copy and paste the shortcode above in WordPress’ editor. Next, replace Basic in the shortcode with your plan’s Plan Code. You can see what your embedded hosted payment page looks like by previewing your page/post.

Insight: You can find your plan’s Plan Code by going to Zoho Billing > Products. Select a product and copy the Plan Code for the plan whose hosted payment page you’d like to embed.

WordPress Embed

You can adjust the width of your embedded hosted payment page by specifying a custom width in the shortcode above. Here’s how:

[zs plan_code=”Basic” width="600"]

Replace 600 in the shortcode above with your required width. If you do not include the “width” parameter, the default width will be set as 700.

Update/Delete the WordPress Plugin

It is recommended that you periodically check for updates to the Zoho Billing plugin on WordPress to ensure that you have all the latest functionality.

Warning: If you’re on a version of the plugin (v2.0 and below) which uses Authtokens to connect with Zoho Billing, update your plugin as soon as possible to the latest version and set it up again, since the usage of Authtokens will be deprecated soon (the latest version of the plugin uses OAuth instead).

You can update the plugin by going to WordPress > Plugins. Find the Zoho Billing plugin and click Update, if an update is available.

You can also click Deactivate on the same screen, if you’d like to stop using this integration.

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