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The Home page is the first thing you’ll see when you access Zoho Billing. Within it, you will find the following tabs:


The dashboard displays key metrics that help you keep tabs on your business, without having to generate reports each time.

Net Revenue

This represents the total revenue (invoice payments) that you’ve received, minus refunds.

Dashboard Net Revenue

Total Receivables

The total amount that you’re owed for both current and overdue invoices.

Dashboard Receivable Summary


The recurring revenue that your business earns every month. It is derived from recurring components of subscriptions like plans and addons.

Dashboard MRR

Active Subscriptions

The number of active (Live) subscriptions at the end of a period.


The average recurring revenue that each subscription generates.

Dashboard ARPU

Churn Rate

The percentage of subscriptions that were cancelled in a particular period.

Dashboard Churn Rate


The approximate revenue that can be expected from each customer for the duration that they use your service. It’s based on your organization’s recurring revenue and churn rate.

Dashboard LTV

Income vs. Expenses

A comparison between your business’ income (invoice payments & sales receipts) and expenses (refunds and expenses).

Subscription Summary

View essential subscription metrics like the number of activations, cancellations, and reactivations.


Add projects to your watchlist to track unbilled hours and expenses.

Top Expenses

Keep a track of your expenses across various categories.

Getting Started

If you’re new to Zoho Billing, the Getting Started tab houses valuable checklists and resources that will guide you to get up and running.

Recent Updates

We update Zoho Billing constantly with new features and enhancements to improve your billing management. Check this tab from time-to-time to catch updates ahead of our monthly What’s New posts.


From major announcements to webinars and events, stay in the know about all things billing.

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