Zoho Billing - Zoho Cliq Integration

Zoho Cliq is a chat application that helps you connect and collaborate with your team at your workplace. It helps you to keep your team in the loop about your business activities.

Benefits of integrating Zoho Billing with Zoho Cliq

  1. You can collaborate with Zoho Cliq users from within Zoho Billing using the quick chat bar; and
  2. Receive important Zoho Billing notifications in your preferred Cliq channel.

Similarly, the Finance team in a company will be using Zoho Billing predominantly and they can collaborate with other Zoho Cliq users directly from Zoho Billing using the Zoho Cliq chat bar.

Cliq Chat Bar
Prerequisites: * You must have an active Zoho Cliq account for which you have signed in using the same Zoho account that you’ve used to sign in to Zoho Billing. * An active channel in Zoho Cliq with the necessary team members who should receive the updates from Zoho Billing.

Integrate Zoho Billing with Zoho Cliq

Setting up the Zoho Billing - Zoho Cliq integration is easy.

Cliq-Integrations Cliq-Connect Now

Disable Integration

When you don’t want Zoho Billing to be integrated with Zoho Cliq anymore, you can disable the integration easily. You will have to disable the options in the integration to deactivate the integration.

Note: The messages in Zoho Cliq will continue to remain in Zoho Cliq even after you disable the integration.

To disable:

Now, Zoho Billing will be disabled from Zoho Cliq. You can enable it again when needed.

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