Subscription Reports

​This report provides all kinds of details that enable you to keep track of customer retention.


This report displays the number of customers who have signed up including the users who are in trial. ​Customers may or may not switch to a paid plan. The number of sign ups gives you the number of people using your product.


This report displays the number of customers who have paid for the product in the selected time frame. In other words, number of activations can be looked at as the number of first payments received from the customer in the selected duration.

This includes 2 cases.

​If 4 customers upgraded to a paid plan and 2 new customers signed up directly for a paid plan in a day, the number of activation for that day would be 6.​

Active Customers

This report displays the number of customers subscribed to a paid plan till date. This does not include customers who are in trial.

Consider that there are 20 active customers. If 5 customers have upgraded to a paid plan and 3 customers have canceled their subscriptions, the number of active customers would be 22.

Net cancellations

This includes the number of cancellations with the number of reactivations of plans deducted.

Net cancellations = Number of cancellations in a day - Number of reactivations in the same day.

Renewal Summary

This report displays the number of subscriptions that get renewed in the selected time duration. This will also include the renewal invoices charged due to dunning.

Subscription Details

Subscription summary involves a tabular view of Signups, Activations, Cancellations, Reactivations and Active Customers on a particular ​day or month.

Subscriptions Details displays everything we need to know about a subscription. This includes status of the subscription, name of the customer involved, their email address, cost of the subscription, the plan subscribed, the date on which the subscription was created, when it was last billed and the next billing date is also displayed.

Activations by Country

This report displays the number of paid subscriptions in a country for a selected duration of time.

Subscription cancellation due to payment failure

This report displays the details of subscriptions that are canceled after dunning (sufficient retries are made to charge the customer’s card).

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