Subscription Items Overview

A subscription item refers to the service you offer your customers. There can be multiple subscription items created if you offer more than one service. Each subscription item can have different plans, addons and coupons associated with it. Below are the some of the things that will help you understand Subscription Items better.

Why do I need a subscription item?

Subscription Items can be very useful if you offer more than one kind of service. Consider that you offer a bug tracker and a project management software. You can create a separate subs for each of the service you offer with its own set of plans, addons and coupons. This way, you can access reports specific to a subscription item and find out how each subscription item is performing.

Creating a subscription item

To create a subscription item, follow the below steps.

Add Subscription Item

Editing a subscription item

To edit an already created subscription item,

Edit Subscription Item

Making a subscription item inactive

To make a subscription item inactive,

Mark Subscription Item as Inactive

Deleting a subscription item

To delete a subscription item,

Delete Subscription Item
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